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* 应用语法;
* 单词句型的总结

I. 重点短语

1. Sit down
2. on duty
3. in English
4. have a seat
5. at home
6. look like
7. look at

III. 交际用语

1. Good morning, Miss/Mr….
2. Hello! Hi!
3. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you, too.
4. How are you? I’m fine, thank you/thanks. And you?
5. See you. See you later.
6. Thank you! You’re welcome.

IV. 重要语法
1. 动词be的用法;
2. 人称代词和物主代词的用法;
3. 名词的单复数和所有格的用法;
4. 冠词的基本用法;
5. There be句型的用法。
例如:There is a bird in the tree. 树上有只鸟。There is a picture on the wall. 墙上有张图。
2. this/that/these/those
(1)this常常用来指在时间、地点上更接近讲话人的人和事,these是this的复数形式。that常常用来指在时间、地点上离讲话人更远一点的人和事,those时that的复数形式。例如:You look in this box and I’ll look in that one over there.你看看这个盒子,我去看那边的那个盒子。
I want this car, not that car. 我想要这辆小汽车,不是那一辆。
Take these books to his room, please. 请把这些书拿到他房间去。
1. (2004年北京市中考试题)
Mary, please show ________ your picture. A. my B. mine C. I D. me
2. (2004年上海市徐汇区中考试题)
_________ orange on the desk is for you, Mike. A. A B.An C. / D. The
3. (2004年哈尔滨市中考试题)
---What _______ the number of the girls in your class? ---About twenty.
A. is B. am C. are D. be
【解析】答案:A。该题考查的是动词be的用法和主谓一致。the number作主语,应该是单数第三人称,动词be变为is。
I. 重点短语

1. beg one's pardon
2. multiply …by…
3. slow down
4. wear out
5. try on
6. make a decision,
7. a place of interest
8. make a mistake
9. drop off
10. think about
11. make up one's mind,
II. 重要句型

1. be busy doing sth.
2. prefer to do sth.
3. regard... as...
4. be pleased with sth./sb.
5. be angry with sb.

III. 交际用语

1. ---How much does… cost …?
2. ---It can cost as little as … yuan and as much as … yuan.
3. ---It costs ….
4. ---It's worth ….
5. ---I don't agree with ….

IV. 重要语法
1. 过去将来时
2. 过去完成时
3. 动词不定式
4. 定语从句
1. think/ think/about/ think of
(1) think 单独使用时表示"思考", 接that 宾语从句时意为"认为","觉得"。
I am thinking how to work out the problem. I think she is a good student.
当宾语从句含有否定概念时,通常形式上否定think ,但意义上却是否定宾语从句。
I don't think he can come. I don't think it will be windy.
(2)think about 可接一个名词,动词-ing 形式或由疑问词引导的不定式或宾语从句,意思是"考虑……"。
I have thought about it for a long time. Please think about how to tell her the bad news.
(3)think of 表示"认为", 一般用于疑问句中,与what 连用。
What do you think of the TV play? = How do you like the TV play?

1. (2004年济宁市中考试题)
He wanted to know ______________.
A. whether he speaks at the meeting B. when the meeting would start
B. what he’s going to do at the meeting D. where would the meeting be held

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