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In less than a year, we've completely changed the game of wall art sales. We're doing it all over again in Preveal V3, with innovative new features you won't see anywhere else!

Here's what's new:
* International users, rejoice! A4 and Metric measurements are here!

* The Visual Template Builder brings unlimited templates to Preveal! Don't guess-and-check when creating your own custom templates, draw the templates you want on the client's wall and keep your clients thinking about what looks best, not about what size they think they want!

* Introducing The Preveal Community! This groundbreaking new innovation allows you to browse, download, customize and save any template created and shared by any Preveal Community member anywhere in the world!

* Love an existing template but just need it tweaked a bit? No problem! V3 allows you to use any of our 150+ existing templates as a starting point for your own custom creations!

* You want framed collections? You got framed collections! The Visual Template Builder allows you to add frames to each opening individually, giving you the ability to create truly custom collections with a mix of framed and unframed images!

* Create beautiful gallery-like pieces by customizing the mat size of your framed images, or choose no mat at all for a more modern look.

* We've completely revamped our help section in the app, which now features videos for most of the help items so you can see exactly how to accomplish any given task in Preveal.

* Various bug fixes and visual refinements

App Description

Preveal comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you don't make enough to pay for the app in three sales, let us know and we'll give you your money back.

"Since buying Preveal a couple months ago I’ve done only a handful of sessions and sold over $20,000 in canvases." - Nyk + Cali | Wedding Photographers

Professional Photographers - Join thousands of photographers around the world who have revolutionized the way they're selling wall art with the original, and the best, wall art sales tool on the market.

* What Does Preveal Do?
Simply stated, Preveal makes you money. Lots of money. By allowing you to show your clients exactly what their images are going to look like on their own walls, at the right size, Preveal makes it downright simple to sell wall art.

Create your own wall displays, use one of our more than 150 included displays as-is, use an included display as a starting point for a custom display or even download a layout that was shared by another Preveal user in the Preveal Community. Whatever you do, it will be immediately obvious - it's never been easier to sell thousands of dollars in wall art from wherever you happen to be.

* Here's what photographers just like you are saying about Preveal:

"Everyone knows that to help our clients envision what’s possible on their walls, you have to show big to sell big. Well, now I can do both… anywhere, anytime. As a portrait photographer, Preveal is the truly mobile solution I have been waiting for."
Dane Sanders | Dane Sanders Photography | Fast Track Creative

"The first time I used Prevel (with the Design Aglow galleries, of course!) I had a sweet sale of $6500. Family of 5, canvas groupings in 2 rooms plus a few gift prints. So much fun & easy to show and sell with. LOVE this app!!"
Lena Hyde | Design Aglow

"Since buying Preveal a couple months ago I’ve done only a handful of sessions and sold over $20,000 in canvases. I highly encourage any photographer that is looking to increase their post-production sales to purchase this app. One sale with this app will not only pay for the app but will also likely pay for the iPad you are using it on!"
Nyk Huber | Nyk + Cali, Wedding Photographers

"Before the order consult, our client thought that a few small prints and a 16x20 for an art niche was what they were looking for... Then, we launched Preveal on our iPad and wow! The client was amazed by the true-to-life viewing and excited about the planning! The Wall portion of the order became 2 30x40 canvases, a 20x30 canvas, a 20x20 print and a 10x20 print! Preveal! You rock! Thanks for the amazing product! Couldn't have enabled our client to visualize the big picture without you!"
Tara Bennett | Taraloo

"I recently started doing in person sales at my client’s homes. I used Preveal for the very first time last night and before I could even get to prices, my clients were taking me all over their home to design wall galleries! I have a 30×40 and 2 wall galleries sold on top of the Collection they purchased putting sales well over $2K… AND I am still building galleries for them!"
Maria Holland | Holland Creations Photography

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Learn more about Preveal at www.getpreveal.com

It's time to sell your work, without it feeling like work. Get Preveal today!

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App Changes

March 03, 2014 Price Decrease: $74.99 -> $49.99
February 15, 2014 Price Decrease: $74.99 -> $59.99
November 29, 2013 Price Decrease: $74.99 -> $24.99
July 27, 2012 Initial Release