What's New

Moving forward there will be only one Bold Poker App. Everyone will be able to try out Bold Poker for free, there'll only be a five-minute long break after every 30 minutes.

Because you've purchased Bold Poker Dealer, you'll be able to deal for free without breaks for as long as we're around (now a $4.99 per night and table).

Please open the app and follow the onscreen instructions to migrate to the new Bold Poker app. If you've got any questions, please do get in touch using the the help option in the app!

App Description

"Crazy idea, exquisitely well done" - Daring Fireball
"A brilliant new take on Texas hold'em" - Beatiful Pixels

Are you tired of dealing and shuffling? Let Bold Poker use your iPad and smartphones to be your personal card dealer at your next home game.

Bold Poker uses a unique approach that preserves all the good parts of your weekly poker round: the interaction stays all the same as when playing with real cards, you still use chips for the betting but Bold Poker takes the hassle of dealing and shuffling away from you, allowing you to play two to three times as many hands as you normally would.

Here's how it works:

* An iPad in the middle of the table shows the button and the board cards
* Every player gets the free Bold Poker Player app on his smartphone which displays his hole cards
* To deal a new hand all you do is move the button on the iPad to the next player and new cards are dealt
* Swipe on the iPad to reveal the flop, turn and river
* Bold Poker automatically takes care of connecting all your devices using

Not convinced yet? Try it out for free using the Bold Poker Player app - it's the same app as Bold Poker Dealer except there's a forced five-minute break after every couple of hands.

Please note:
* Bold Poker requires an internet connection to play (Wi-Fi recommended for hour long-rounds).
* You will still need chips to play
* Each player will need an Smartphone with the free Bold Poker Player app installed

We hope you enjoy this new way of playing poker!

If you've got any feedback or would like to get in touch, feel free to write us at [email protected]

App Screenshots

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Bold Poker Dealer screenshot 1 Bold Poker Dealer screenshot 2 Bold Poker Dealer screenshot 3 Bold Poker Dealer screenshot 4 Bold Poker Dealer screenshot 5 Bold Poker Dealer screenshot 6 Bold Poker Dealer screenshot 7 Bold Poker Dealer screenshot 8 Bold Poker Dealer screenshot 9

App Changes

  • March 18, 2015 New version 2.3
  • November 03, 2014 New version 2.2
  • May 31, 2014 Price increase: $24.99 -> $49.99
  • May 06, 2014 Price increase: $14.99 -> $24.99
  • August 21, 2013 New version 2.1
  • August 01, 2013 Price decrease: $24.99 -> $14.99
  • July 15, 2013 Price increase: $14.99 -> $24.99
  • July 03, 2013 Price increase: $3.99 -> $14.99
  • July 03, 2013 New version 2.0
  • January 31, 2013 Price increase: $1.99 -> $3.99
  • January 29, 2013 Price decrease: $3.99 -> $1.99
  • January 28, 2013 Price increase: $1.99 -> $3.99
  • January 27, 2013 Price decrease: $3.99 -> $1.99
  • December 29, 2012 Price increase: $1.99 -> $3.99
  • December 11, 2012 Initial release

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