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Be sure to take the time to get to know Ubisoft's latest entry in the Might & Magic franchise: a deeply satisfying take on the card battler gaming genre.

What's New

The Might & Magic: Duel of Champions Development Team is proud to release Griffin Bane, an exciting new expansion with cards, features, and fixes!

100 New Cards
New Heroes, Creatures, Spells, Fortunes, Buildings and Event

Card Nerfs
Swelling Breeder now only gives Magic Resist to adjacent Breeders
Djinn Cloudshaper now requires 5 Might
Enthrall now costs 6 Resources
Puppet Master now costs 7 Resources

New Achievements
Refer a friend (Reward: 15,000 gold)
Have 3 refered Pupil who reach level 10 (Reward: 500 Seals)
Win a match against the Academy faction (Reward: Base Academy Deck)
Win a match against the Haven faction (Reward: Base Haven Deck)
Win a match agaisnt the Inferno faction (Reward: Base Inferno Deck)
Win a match against the Necropolis faction (Reward: Base Necropolis Deck)
Win a match against the Sanctuary faction (Reward: Base Sanctuary Deck)
Win a match against the Stronghold faction (Reward: Base Stronghold Deck)

New format: Road to Paris
Added a new 'Road to Paris' format to the 'Play VS Online Friend' game mode. This format will be used during competitive Road to Paris matches.

Ability Icon in zoom
Added the Ability Icon to a zoomed card descriptive screen.

Regroup same cards of different series
Added a 'Hide Duplicate' filter in the deckbuilder to regroup same cards of different series .

Changes in Shop
No more gold selling in the Shop
Starter Decks removed from Shop since they are now obtainable through achievements

App Description

Enter the legendary universe of Might & Magic with this fantastic strategic online card game. With more than 770 cards, choose your hero, build an army with creatures, spells, buildings and fortunes and defeat cunning opponents in battles of epic proportions. 

Experience the time-tested factions of the Might & Magic universe in a completely new format. Discover a wealth of beautifully illustrated game cards, featuring all the well-known characters, spells and heroes from the Might & Magic series of games. 

Objective of the game: 
• Defeat your opponent’s hero by deploying creatures, casting spells and taking advantage of buildings, fortunes and events. 

Choose a faction: 
•There are 6 different factions with their own distinct history and play style: Haven, Inferno, Necropolis, Stronghold, Sanctuary and Academy. Discover them all and master their strategies.

Pick your hero: 
• There are over 48 heroes to choose from. The hero you pick will determine the faction your army hails from, your starting levels and life. Each hero also has access to certain schools of magic. 

Build your army for battle: 
• Use the deck builder to create and manage your decks; possibilities are endless and you can create as many of them as you want. Each deck consists of 1 hero card, 8 event cards, and a mix of 50 to 200 building, creature, spell and fortune cards. 

Master the battleground: 
• Bring your deck into battle! There are 16 positions on the battleground where your cards can be deployed and repositioned, presenting a wide array of approaches and possibilities for deep strategy. 

Play different game modes: 
• Battle various online opponents in ranked or unranked 1 on 1 duels. Take part in daily tournaments or create your own. Win rewards and unlock challenging achievements as you climb up the leaderboards.

• Chat with friends and opponents as playing, and visit the official forums to keep in touch with the Duel of Champions community
• Look for the latest news and updates by following Duel of Champions on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Twitch.
• Challenge your friends directly or let the matchmaking system find you a worthy opponent 
• Participate in various online tournaments & leaderboards 

• Play and level up to unlock free rewards including cards, decks, boosts, currency, tournament tickets, and Wildcards. 
• Get exclusive cards for free by completing achievements and winning tournaments
• Visit Emilio’s shop and take advantage of special offers to build your card collection

Stay on top of your game! Get the latest news, deals and more at.... 
FACEBOOK: http://facebook.com/MightMagicDuelofChampions
TWITTER: http://twitter.com/duelofchampions
YOUTUBE: http://youtube.com/user/MMDuelofChampions

Not supporting iPad 1st generation 
If you have any feedback, please email us at apple.support@ubisoft.com

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App Changes

July 09, 2014 New version 3.20.2
June 21, 2014 New version 3.18.2
March 12, 2014 New version 2.15.2
March 07, 2014 New version 2.14.2
January 02, 2014 New version 2.13.2
December 05, 2013 New version 2.12.2
November 30, -0001 Initial Release

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