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The Safe Drinking app provides two great modules that will come in handy whenever you take your partying a little bit too far.

About the "Blood Alcohol Calculator"

Have you had a little too much? Exactly how would you know? Well ... you could find your friendly neighborhood policeman and ask him to let you blow in his little tube. Because everyone knows that breathalyzers provide the most accurate analysis of blood alcohol levels.

Most folks really don't want to go to all that trouble. So a quick estimate like the one provided in this module may serve as a useful proxy. But please remember, the results provided here are based on only a few factors - like your weight, gender, number of drinks you've consumed, and how long you've been drinking. There are many other less measurable factors that contribute to how much alcohol is in your bloodstream. Things like how much food you've eaten and your overall physical health.

This module uses "Widmark's Formula" which the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration employs to calculate rough estimates of blood alcohol levels. In the United States anything over 0.08% is considered too impaired to drive.

So please, use this module as a guide. And remember: Don't drink and drive. Because if you do, you may find yourself having to blow into that policeman's little tube.

Also, this module is for entertainment purposes only and the calculations should not be used to determine whether a person is able to drive. Please don't drink and drive.


About the "Call-A-Cab" Module

Okay ... You know it. You've had too much to drink. And to make matters worse, your designated driver is passed out cold on the kitchen floor. He couldn't even make it to the couch.

At times like these, the Call-A-Cab module will really come in handy. It provides a quick way to find taxis in your area.

The red pin on the map shows you where you are. Don't sell this feature short - it alone may justify the price of the entire app. (You know what we mean!) But this module does even more. All the grey dots on the map represent taxi cab companies near your location. Tap on one of them and the info will appear at the bottom of the screen. If they publish their phone number, you can tap on that to call the company directly. It's up to you whether or not to drag your designated driver off the kitchen floor to join you for the safe ride home.


And just to note, this app provides just a small sampling of what is available in the app Portable Party.

Portable Party is an amazing collection of activities to enhance your party-going experience. With nearly two-dozen different modules, Portable Party is sure to become your go-to app whenever you're out on the town. Imagine the fun you and your friends will have using all of these great features:

- Party Games
- Strobe light
- Sound Board
- Mood Lighting
- Scrolling Banner
- Capture Party Contacts
- Blood Alcohol Content Calculator
- Call A Cab
- Local Texting
- Ice Breakers
- Share A Photo
- New Friends

So whether you're at a party, a bar, a concert, your friend's patio, a sporting event or enjoying the sunset on the deck with a few friends, Portable Party will be there to lend you a hand. Soon you'll be wondering how you ever partied without Portable Party.

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March 14, 2012 Initial Release

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