What's New

• Fixed issue that seats were not transmitted correctly
• Fixed issue with photo uploading on slow edge networks.
• Added ability to select from camera or photo albums in all places
• Replaced Twitter "I'm on this playground" by Facebook status message.
• Changed minimum version to iOS 6

App Description

We parents know all about it. We're visiting friends, maybe even in another city, and our little ones want to go to the playground. But where in the world is the closest playground? Especially when we visit childless friends, the answer is usually a shrug of the shoulders. Why isn't there a directory listing all playgrounds?

This app is meant to address precisely this problem.

Of course, that can only work when all parents get involved. When you enter playgrounds in your vicinity here, other parents will be able to find them. Conversely, when you visit another city and parents have entered all of the playgrounds there, you will be able to quite easily find one.

However, that's not only of interest regarding playgrounds in other cities. Especially in large cities, there are so many playgrounds that it would be impossible to know where they all are, even if you live there. This makes using the app even more exciting, to help you discover new playgrounds near you.

OK, but how do I enter a new playground? It's very easy! You go to the map view as soon as you press "Find playground" in the menu. There you can press the + symbol at the bottom right, which leads you through the input screen. It's also really fast, because the app is meant to help you, not annoy you. You can even upload photos if you wish.

So, we hope you like the app and have a lot of fun exploring. And it would of course by nice if you would help us by entering the playgrounds in your vicinity. It can only work when everybody gets involved. Thank you!

iPhone Screenshots

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Playground Finder screenshot 1 Playground Finder screenshot 2 Playground Finder screenshot 3 Playground Finder screenshot 4 Playground Finder screenshot 5

App Changes

  • June 12, 2014 Initial release