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Infect your friends, your coworkers, and the world.

Infection is a social puzzle game where everyone is the world plays against each other. In this world, players are either Healthy or Infected.
Healthy players Transfuse with other Healthy players to earn points. Infected players trick Healthy players into transfusing with them to earn points and spread the infection.

A Transfusion consists of a player requesting a transfusion with another player, and the other player accepting or declining. The amount of outgoing transfusions a player has is visible to other players.

An Infected player appears to be just like any other player. They have to convince their Healthy friends to transfuse with them. This will earn them points and spread the infection. If a large percentage of the population becomes infected, then the game will enter sudden death.

Games are scheduled to last anywhere between 2 to 5 days. If a large percentage of the population becomes infected, then a game will enter sudden death. In sudden death, the game time is reduced to 4 hours. Once a new game begins, a small percentage of the players start infected, and the infection spreads once again.

Having friends is essential for playing Infection. Friends may be added by their username. Friends may also be found through Facebook once you have synced your account with Facebook.

Items are awarded by achieving Transfusion and Infection streaks in a game. Four items exists: An Antibiotic, Decoy, Blood Test, and The Cure.. A maximum of 3 items each may be held at any time and non used items carry over into future games.

Items are awarded by achieving a number of transfusions in a single game.
3 - Antibiotic
7 - Decoy
11 - Blood Test
15 - The Cure

Items are awarded by achieving a number of infections in a single game.
2 - Antibiotic
3 - Decoy
5 - Blood Test
7 - The Cure

Antibiotics increase your overall resistance for the current game. A maximum of 3 antibiotics may be used in a single game.

A Decoy may be assigned to a player to block a future Infection from that player (one use).

A Blood Test reveals the status of any other player (one use).

The Cure will heal your infection and you will become healthy.

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App Changes

  • March 11, 2012 Initial release
  • March 27, 2012 New version 1.0.1