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This release is in response to a lot of great customer feedback - please keep it coming!

A story really moved us - a mom wrote to tell us she used Smallnest when she had milk supply problems. Three checkups saw the baby's weight declining, and she had to supplement with formula. But, her supply finally came in - and she needed to switch off of formula back to breastmilk, but carefully monitor diapers. Among the many things we learned from her was that smaller increments are crucial really early on - so we've added them in. It was exciting to hear how much Smallnest helped her get on track. Her healthy baby is now 3 mos old, and has been on breastmilk exclusively for quite some time.

Now, you can use mL and go from 0-50 (about 1.67 oz) and in 10mL increments from there (roughly 0.34 oz). If you're using ounces, you can go from 0-5.0 in 0.5 oz increments, which matches Medela and most other pumping bottle increments (at least, as well as our eyes can see them). If you want more granularity than oz provides, just use mL (on the other side of the bottle!). As always the app remembers your last choice, so if you switch back and forth don't be surprised if it defaults to mL if that's what you used last time.

We also sat down with a respected pediatrician who pushed us on totals - as many have you requested. Now the app shows 24-hour totals for all relevant activities!

Smaller increments for bottles and pumping
- go from 0 - 5 in 0.5 increments
- go from 5-50 in increments of 1

Totals for last 24 hours - by pediatrician request!
- Total number of feedings
- Total hours slept
- Total poo and pee diapers
- They all appear subtly on the buttons as soon as you log your first activity

Fixed email history bug - and improved emails
- Easily Email today + yesterday history
- Emails now include 24 hour totals
- Designed with input from pediatricians, lactation consultants - and parents like you!

Bug fixes
- Major ad performance improvements

App Description

Raising a baby is hard - Smallnest makes parents better at it. Moms love Smallnest because it works on any Apple device, including Dad's and nanny's, and because it's "baby brain" proof. Easily track feedings, sleep and diapers. Parents like you have recorded nearly 2,000,000 activities!

A team of dads and moms - including TripIt's Webby-winning designer - built Smallnest to help them with their own kids. We consulted experts on breastfeeding, sleep training, and newborn health and nutrition, and built a simple but powerful solution for parents - from breastfeeding and formula thru solid foods.

Start using Smallnest now, and you'll spot patterns, be ready for the pediatrician's questions - and you might even get a little more sleep, too.

Featured by Apple in "Apps for Parents"

Mashable likes Smallnest too!

Moms love us:
***** "I love this app. Made keeping track of feeding very simple!" - MaAnnie12
***** "Wonderful app, perfect for tracking babies activities especially with the 2 person sync." - 3:00 am Dad
***** "I love this app. It's so easy to use and really helps tired new parents with all of the feedings and sleep patterns." - Mitsuvegas

Here's how Smallnest make it easy to track, log and raise your newborn:
- Baby brain proof sharing and syncing across devices
- Beautiful interface with big buttons and important information always visible
- Easy one-handed operation, with 2-tap start/stop for everything and easy editing and after-the-fact logging
- Automatic, instant double backup keeps your baby's data safe, forever

Sync your devices and caregivers
- No setup, always in sync sharing with as many people as you want - dad, nanny, grandparents
- Left your iPhone downstairs? The iPad is automatically up to date, so just use it!
- Everyone's not on Facebook? Mom can sign in for other caregivers - we don't post to Facebook

Breastfeeding tracker
- 2 taps to start feeding tracker
- Powerful stopwatch that you can even edit while in progress
- See when your last feeding started at a glance
- See what breast fed last so you know where to start
- Simple, automatic reminders
- 24 hour totals

- Going back to work is hard, Smallnest helps you keep on track
- Stopwatch and optional amount per side
- See when you last expressed at a glance
- Remembers units automatically
- Can see what baby's up to at home in the app if nanny/dad is using it (has she napped enough today?)

Sleeping baby
- Consistent sleep is key to a healthy, growing baby - and to a healthy mommy!
- See at a glance when baby last woke up
- Mom can put baby down and dad can wake baby up - and the log is synced and always up to date
- See sleep patterns over time from newborn to infant to toddler

Diapers (or Nappies)
- Newborns go through 8-12 diapers/nappies per day in the first few days - keep track!
- Record wet, dirty or both diapers/nappies
- Easily add notes (color, consistency) and see them on the main screen

Syncing is a killer feature especially for working moms
- No more paper logs that get lost, or having to wait til you get home to see if baby was normal today
- Keep track of baby from a distance: did dad remember the bottle this afternoon? Did the grandparents put baby to sleep on time? It's all right there, automatically
- Know when and what baby ate last (and what her fav foods are!)

New: Send a baby link!
- Easy sharing of your newborn's nursing, diaper and sleep history with Baby Timeline (subscription required)
- Pediatrician, lactation consultant, or other moms can help you diagnose issues and discover patterns
- Getting advice in a forum? Show them your timeline so other moms can give you personalized advice
- Share your history with a new mom who is wondering if her experience is normal
Sleep through the night earlier with Smallnest. Focus on important growth milestones with a simple, in sync app.

Don't parent alone. Let Smallnest help.

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February 28, 2014 New version 1.74
January 29, 2014 New version 1.73
November 08, 2013 New version 1.71
September 26, 2013 New version 1.70
May 14, 2013 New version 1.62
April 27, 2013 New version 1.61
January 03, 2012 Initial Release

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