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Fight Your Way to Freedom from the Alien Mothership

*** This free preview version of Escape to Earth lets you play the first two full levels of the game at no cost and 100% ad-free. ***

Escape to Earth is an exciting new sci-fi action-adventure game for all iOS devices. In it your mission is to find your way back to Earth from deep within an alien mothership. Yes, unfortunately you have been abducted. But, all hope is not lost. Somehow you have escaped from your cell and stolen one of their ships. The ship is equipped with lasers, missiles, a tractor-beam and a repulser. And someone, or something, is helping you. And maybe, you are helping them too.

Escape to Earth combines elements from many other popular games to create an experience that is unique on the iOS platform. Solve physics based puzzles using your tractor-beam and repulser. Travel through wormholes to instantly teleport from one location to another. Battle a stream of enemy ships using your laser canon and missile launcher. And navigate a labyrinth of twists and turns with the aid of your mysterious guide to find your way home. Escape to Earth is a game unlike any other in the App Store.

- fast-paced action
- challenging puzzles
- responsive, natural feeling controls
- realistic physics
- surprise ending
- gentle learning curve
- multiple save slots
- 3 difficulty levels
- pause/resume
- player preferences

Coming soon:
- infinite play arcade mode
- Game Center integration
- iCloud integration
- Facebook/Twitter integration

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