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Looking for the perfect baby alarm clock and bedtime sleep assistant for you and your child? You’ve found it. AngelSong Baby Sleep Deluxe is the only lullaby app on the market designed by a musical parenting expert and featuring an album’s worth of award winning lullaby music.
Give your child the consistent, and now portable, sleep cue that experts recommend to help them sleep.
Baby Sleep Deluxe is designed with ease of use in mind. Just use the selector wheel to choose how many minutes you want the music to play and press start. Baby Sleep Deluxe will sing to your baby and gradually reduce the volume as it approaches the shut off time.
If you want your baby to be awakened ever so gently to beautiful lullaby music, it does that, too. Just set the time you’d like to wake your baby in the morning or after nap and this app will turn on ever so softly and gradually ramp up the volume to gently wake your child.
It has a simple night light, too. The app comes with four moon phase photos and you can select a fingernail moon for just a little light or a full moon for a whole lot more. Want to use a different photo? Upload your own photo from your phone's photo library. So if you’re away your baby can see a picture of you as they go to sleep or wake up.
You can easily add any song you want from your iTunes library or rearrange the songs or listen to the music in the music settings screen.
However, what makes this app the best for your baby is the music. No “kiddie” music or midi files. These lullabies are from the album that won “Best CD For Infants” from Kid’s Music Awards. The music is performed by Lullaby Lady Amy Robbins-Wilson who holds a Masters degree in Ritual Song and Chant from the University of Limerick and she’s a mom, too. Her voice is breathtaking, crystalline and angelic and her music is sure to comfort both you and your child.
The lullabies include Celtic favorites like Toora Loora Loora, Suo Gan (Sleep My Baby), and the Hebridean Lullaby as well as American classics like Kumbaya, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Hush Little Baby. There are all time favorites like Brahm’s Lullaby and All Through the Night as well original award winning songs like All Night, All Day and A Night Time Blessing. You won’t find more gloriously beautiful baby music anywhere.
Download it to your family phones as well as those of caregivers, babysitters and day care providers or send it on an iPod touch wherever your baby goes. In no time your child will come to associate this music with sleep, making naptimes and bedtimes much easier for the whole family. Download now to give your baby the most beautiful sleep cue available.

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