What's New

Added camera on/off button to turn camera off.
Fixed bugs.
Improved performance when capturing photos.

App Description

What Ghost Detect Pro does the other ghost apps don't do:
• This app WILL scare you
• ONLY app that takes photos and detects anomalies in them
• ALL the sensors on one page, NOT like some other ghost apps
• Radar that actually tracks anomalies
• The most accurate EMF detector in an app
• Super sensitive microphone - hears every little noise
• Records audio for EVP sessions
• EVP that speaks to you, with five different voices available
• Detects vibrations
• Alerts for every sensor
• Draws all this to a very accurate graph

I made this app because I found all other ghost hunting/radar apps lacking and not easy to use. I wanted to see all my detection sensors at once, because ghosts won’t do do-overs. I also wanted to make the detection sensors as accurate as possible. And I wanted to make sure that the EVP words came from anomalies in the quantum flux.

Note: The camera portion of this app records 1 second of video (30 images) and takes 1 picture. The images are processed against one another and if image anomalies are found, they are analyzed and put into one of three types: orb, dark, or light. Each of the anomalies are rendered based on the type. Rendering the anomalies consists of enlarging the pixels of the anomaly, blurring, smoothing, and drawing to connect anomalies in a line or if they are small pixel clusters, enlarging and drawing orbs that have size and direction.

If you don’t like the photo portion of the app you can turn it off in the app. If you don’t believe the images are authentic, sorry, I am only trying to enhance anomalies that are present. Anomalies in the images are not necessarily “ghost”. Please use your own judgement to determine if the photos are paranormal in nature.

• NEWEST FEATURE - Now you can capture anomalies in photos and tweet your paranormal photo to your friends.

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Graph detail info below:
• Device Sensor Readout/Graph:This will show data over time.

Graph Line Colors:
* Red = Change in magnetic field in the X axis.
* Green = Change in magnetic field in the Y axis.
* Blue = Change in magnetic field in the Z axis.
* Yellow = Change in Electro Magnetic Field Discriminator (see description below).
* White = Change in Microphone Sound Input (see description below).
* Orange = Change in the Quantum Flux, if this line is moving up or down, strange things may happen.

More detailed instructions are in the app, just touch the little blue i button.

Have Fun!

iPhone Screenshots

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Ghost Detect Pro - (Advanced Radar EVP EMF Detector) screenshot 1 Ghost Detect Pro - (Advanced Radar EVP EMF Detector) screenshot 2 Ghost Detect Pro - (Advanced Radar EVP EMF Detector) screenshot 3 Ghost Detect Pro - (Advanced Radar EVP EMF Detector) screenshot 4 Ghost Detect Pro - (Advanced Radar EVP EMF Detector) screenshot 5

App Changes

  • February 24, 2012 New version 2.0
  • March 03, 2012 New version 2.0.1