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Han also lasted four hundred years, was transformed into a turbulent world that males are now holding one's ground.
Calm down moments were to become champion of the world to fight themselves …

【Game Description】
The battle just began. Hegemony over the world "millionaire" power will be tested.
One of the heroes of Game Three Kingdoms is an attractive choice in the fights over unification millionaire.
Millionaire Rule is "revolutionary", "8 cut, " "leaving the capital, " "spare 3" "Tied to" provide a variety of other rules.
Setting different rules for each country penetrated, the player must consider how to fight, can not take the country.
The troops were set for each character, ability, by nature, have different difficulty, you can enjoy again and again.
Free mode also, the rules set by the player, the opponent can thoroughly enjoy a millionaire.
A new sense of a table game that combines elements millionaire Catching country.

【Unification Mode】
Unification is the aim mode to select your favorite heroes.
As a base to attack neighboring countries to choose a hero, a hero to a nation that "millionaire" in the game.
Each hero has "military" force "attack, " "wisdom " that has a parameter, the opposing forces that shaved the top.
Rules are different for each hero and play.
Beautifully against the forces of "0 " in possession of the other country if possible.
Staunch opponent of unification aim to beat another.

【Free Mode】
"Rules" and "members" are free to choose.
There is no military system, heartily, "Millionaire" can be enjoyed.

"Unification Mode" and "Free Mode" can be viewed in the Score of players.

【About Hero】
[[ Ryubi ]]
Self-proclaimed descendant of the imperial Han Dynasty, a number of powerful dynasties recovery hopes rise confused.
Brother became a great man pulled his will, "Kanu", "Tyohi" followed by, to compete for the cause throughout the war.
In that battle, we start to gather into his former heroes of the world touched his personality.
He is getting Genius strategist "Komei" now, start on the way to the founding of the Han Dynasty.

[[ Sousou ]]
About a young, talented and discerning that rare kind of troubled times been described as heroes, say it in a cold damp rational thinking, and his confusion 治Meyou by the rule of the Han Dynasty.
To subjugate the forces in half of China Expanded for him, there was a distraction, "Ryubi" "Go" to the "Sonken".
Now the brunt, in turn, he headed to the Red Cliff.

[[ Sonken ]]
Tiger's father feared Changsha "Sonken". Wu's brother, laid the foundation "Sonsaku".
Then the will of his father and brother, died of mortification in ambition, created the Red Army's most comprehensive water Kingdoms "Sonke" third generation family head.
The young leaders around while under pressure, the one friend "Shyuyu" with, "Go" looming "Sousou" was the ambition of trying to Soshi.

[[ Toutaku ]]
Three Kingdoms biggest tyrant and accelerated the destruction of the Han dynasty to fade.
Rakuyou occupied by legions of their own capital in the confusion of the Han dynasty, crowned emperor. Unless all your umbrella tyrannical authority of the emperor treason, one against him are all beside, "Ryohu" a warrior named
Who are deceased.
Our countries will stand Suguru Suguru order to subdue him, I finally put down slightly enemy, "Toutaku" will do more as far as tyranny.
What is "Toutaku" was waiting for was a surprise ending

"Tyouun", "Ryohu", "Shyuyu", "Tyousen" and "Syoukyo", Gathered a total of 14 heroes!

Fierce competition for "millionaire" I can put an end on! !

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  • June 13, 2014 Initial release

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