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Fresh from its release at Replay 2011 in the UK, this classic ZX Spectrum game is now available for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad!

Dingo is a labyrinth/maze game. You are 'Big Ted', a koala on a very fruity mission.

Your mission is to dash around the melon field and collect all the fruit there. Your enemies are the Dingos – they should be avoided as they will stomp the life out of you if they get too near, and koala bears only have one life (well, three actually). Sometimes the Dingos will also collect fruit by stomping on it and throw it at Big Ted – which is also fatal... if they hit that is.

Luckily Big Ted can defend himself by picking up fruit and use it to throw after the Dingos himself. Very handy for survival as it stuns the Dingos for a few seconds... but a piece of fruit gives you just one shot and you have to pick up another piece before you can shoot again.

However, fruit is no good when it's been thrown around, so every piece that you throw won't add to your score, so it's best to try and clear the screens as fast as possible and only throw as little as you have to.

Earn extra lives every 25,000 points.

iPhone Screenshots

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Dingo (ZX Spectrum) screenshot 1 Dingo (ZX Spectrum) screenshot 2 Dingo (ZX Spectrum) screenshot 3 Dingo (ZX Spectrum) screenshot 4 Dingo (ZX Spectrum) screenshot 5

iPad Screenshots

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Dingo (ZX Spectrum) screenshot 6 Dingo (ZX Spectrum) screenshot 7 Dingo (ZX Spectrum) screenshot 8 Dingo (ZX Spectrum) screenshot 9 Dingo (ZX Spectrum) screenshot 10

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