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Hippie Hippo makes your day! Download this arcade romp & discover how much fun mobile gaming can be one well aimed glide at a time. Take control of Hippie the Hippo & teach some stuck up ballerina cows a lesson that might be too much fun to give up!

Hippie Hippo is an amazing and captivating arcade adventure iPhone game! – 1888freeonlinegames.com

This is a cute app that offers a unique approach to puzzle style games. – Padgadget.com

On top of this app having solid gameplay appeal I found the general appearance & graphics to work very smoothly – a great effort & nice looking game. – itouchapps.biz

Hippie Hippo is an arcade adventure that blends together vibrantly rendered cartoon imagery, fast paced action, and strategically minded gameplay into one entertaining package. Players are thrown into the shoes – or more accurately skates – of Hippie the Hippo as he charges through the arctic pushing every Cow Ballerina off of the ice into the frigid ocean around them! The app includes forty unique, vastly challenging levels that bat an eye lash or two to popular culture while engaging players with diverse challenges.

Hippie Hippo’s story goes like this:

Life was always peaches and sunshine for Hippie the Hippo. He had a beautiful patch of green grass he called home, that is, until one day a mob of hungry Ballerina Cows ran into this bright field wonderland and chewed up all of his grass. The sun hid behind clouds from that day onwards for Hippie Hippo. His green home was gone and all he wanted now was revenge. Things grew cold, and the Cows retreated to an icy lake, but Hippie would stop at nothing to get his revenge. These cows ate his home, and it didn’t matter if they learned to skate and took to ice burgs on the lake, because this is one Hippo that loves ice skating, beating up cows, and sleeping on beds of grass…and there’s no grass left.

The game uses sling-shot controls that allow users to aim and shoot Hippie, without the ability to control his movement afterwards. In a test of accuracy and problem solving skills players are tasked with getting Hippie around each Iceberg level, helping him push all the cows they see off into the water, without accidentally skating or being bumped into the water themselves. For ease of play, users are provided with descriptions of each level and quick ‘level repeat’ options as well.

Frustrated gamers can even unlock levels they can’t beat buy simply buying a level pass via in-app purchase and moving on with the game as if –ahem – nothing happened. You’re busy, life’s hectic, and sometimes you need a game that lets you vent as much as it entertains you. So don’t let yourself get bored, get Hippie Hippo on his skates and game your way to glee helping him get even against his cow companions. Cow flavored ice cubes anyone?

App Features:

• 60 unique and diverse levels
• Short level descriptions
• Dynamic graphics
• Powerful realistic physics engine
• Game Score statistics and histories
• Opportunity to buy the 1-level passes via in-app purchase.
• Original game soundtrack

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App Changes

  • December 09, 2011 New version 1.1