What's New

Effects improvements:
✔ Effects re-organized into 3 groups: filter, color (flanger, lofi), space (echo, reverb).
✔ Combine effects on the same channel: use one filter, one color and one space in the same time.
✔ All effects are dry in the upper left position, and hottest on the lower right.
✔ Wet control for flanger, bpm-based flanger rates. Mono/stereo switch.
✔ Lofi effect is stereo.
✔ Damp control for reverb.
✔ New setting: effects reset or not when you load another track.

✔ Mixer: lowpass/highpass faders per side. New setting: auto reset this on track load. Available on iPhone and iPod touch too.
✔ Deck: double tap on shift to stay in shift mode.
✔ Master eq in settings for small speakers bass/treble compensation.

Grid editing mode bugfixes:
- Manual bpm tap calculated wrong values.
- Beatgrid and bpm was always saved automatically. Now they are saved only when you press SAVE.
- Removed bpm fader, double/half button is back.

Double deck mode fixed. Other small bugfixes.

App Description

BPM DJ offers the 21st century digital equivalent of a professional DJ setup with 2 decks, 2 effect engines and a mixer. A high quality tool with focus on performance, low latency, usability and stability, designed for the real club's DJ booth.

Start with 4 fixed tracks to learn the basics, then unlock the "Use Your Music" feature to play more. Or buy the "Premium Pack" to unlock all features on a discount price.

USE YOUR OWN MUSIC ► $4,99/€3,99
PREMIUM PACK ► $21,99/€17,99
PERFORMANCE PACK ► $9,99/€ 7,99
PRO OUTPUT PACKS ► $9,99/€7,99

✭✭✭✭ Buy once one any pack and use it on up to 5 different devices you have! ✭✭✭✭

✭ Buy once and install on up to 5 devices. ✭

Output modes for hardware mixer:
- Classic Club to use 2 iOS devices as separate decks, connected to your mixer. They sync the current BPM wirelessly.
- Double Deck to use one device, connected to your mixer. Audio left is deck A, right is deck B.

Output modes for the Split Cable Adapter (check djplayer.net to buy):
- Split Cable. Audio left is master, right is pre-listening.
- Ballroom. Same as before, but full stereo when PFL buttons are off.

Output modes with 2 independent stereo outputs:
- Home mode: audio out is pre-listening, master is transmitted to our MasterOut app over the network.
- Club Master: audio out is master, pre-listening is transmitted to MasterOut. A special design for ultra-low latency DJ monitoring.

- 8 gapless cue/loop points (6 on iPhone and iPod touch), play like a sampler. Modify on-the-fly, while playback/loop goes.
- Vinyl Vision or waveform display, touch to jump (beat and bar aligned).
- Pitch control (±4, ±8, ±16 and ±100%), fine adjust, adjustable pitch bend strength. Key lock in the ±16 range.
- Reverse play with slip mode for lengths below 16 beats.
- BPM sync, automatic bpm and beatgrid detection.
- Beatgrid editor.

- Crossfader with 3 curves.
- For each channel: fader, gain, low/mid/high ±6 db adjust eq, low/mid/high mixing eq from -96 to 0 db (isolator), hidden cutoff switches, low- and highpass filters.
- Punch control for channel faders and cross (in/out).
- Calibrated channel and master VU meters (with peak hold off/fade/run), balance.
- Pre-listening: master/PFL ratio, headphone volume. Split or stereo PFL (in Home or Club Master mode).
- EQ reset on track load (do nothing, or reset all, or reset mid/high and cut bass).
- Gain set on track load (do nothing, reset to 0 or auto to loudness).

- Use up to 3 effects in the same time on a deck.
- Adjust effect parameters with touch or accelerometer.
- Gapless auto or bounce looping, from 128 beats to 1/256 beat, triolic 3/4, 1/3 values.
- Loop roll, temp pitch control and reloop.
- BPM-based echo, reverb, lo-fi, flanger, highpass, lowpass, bandpass, notch and peak.
- Sharp or smooth echo/reverb release, beatcounter.

- Mass analyze of selected tracks.
- Convenient track search with textual search/filter.
- Sort by playlist, artist, title, comment, duration, BPM or natural ("iTunes order").
- Automatic marker shows if a track was played in the last 4 hours. Manual marker on/off for each track.
- Serato and Traktor metadata support (BPM and cue points/loops).
- The internal standard SQLite db keeps all bpm and cue points even if a track is removed from the device, with import/export.

- Master EQ (in settings) for small speakers bass/treble compensation.
- Automatically or manually post track information and camera images to Twitter.
- Day or night background. Manual or automatic according to your location's sunrise/sunset.
- iPad only: CPU meter, sunrise and sunset display, live camera background.
- Audio buffer size, from 512 to 128.

iPhone Screenshots

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iPad Screenshots

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App Changes

  • December 20, 2011 New version 1.0.1
  • January 07, 2012 New version 1.0.2
  • June 06, 2012 New version 2.0
  • July 15, 2012 New version 2.1
  • August 31, 2012 New version 2.2