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App Description

► "The China Success Guide is a very practical guide like no others, full of tips and DOs-and-DON'Ts."

► "The China Success Guide" is essentially a reflection of the author's pits and falls and his learning for the past 10 years in China. They form this present App, which should help and better equip the first-time travelers to China, market development managers/entrepreneurs wanting to do business, establish themselves and live in China.

► The objective of writing "The China Success Guide” was to collate all the bits and pieces of the facets needed to cut down the reader's learning curve. The author has put in a considerable amount of effort to structure "The China Success Guide” and collate the information in an easy, useful and fun-to-read format. Although there is a considerable amount of data available on the Internet on which one can relate to, it is all scattered, and one would require months to collate the information compiled in "The China Success Guide."

► While reading "The China Success Guide,” the reader will realize that the information is detailed at the "grass-root level." That is one of the critical success factors to live and work in China, as opposed to reading a magazine on China while flying first class, and then advising team members on how to do business in China.

► "The China Success Guide" goes beyond what a traditional books offers. It includes internet links to major websites about China, direct Tap-to-Call (Tap-to-Store on iPad), Direct-Email, and numerous pictures.

► "The China Success Guide" also comprehends a full searchable English/Chinese dictionary with over 1800 words.


◙ Preface and Acknowledgments

◙ China, an Introduction

◙ Living in China
○ Cost of Living in China
○ Practical Tips
  ~ Schooling & Education
  ~ Mobiles
  ~ Internet / Broadband / Wifi
  ~ Internet Bars
  ~ Post Offices & Courier services
  ~ Buying & Leasing a Car
  ~ English Newspapers
○ Housekeeping

◙ Renting and Buying an Apartment

◙ Setting up a Business in China
○ Options Available to Register a Company
  ~ WOF
  ~ JV
  ~ FICE
  ~ RO
○ A Recap of Company Legal Representatives in China
○ The Importance of Company Chops

◙ Doing Business with the Chinese
○ Business Etiquette and Negotiation Skills
  ~ Importance of the First Meeting
  ~ Customary Business Practices
  ~ Social Tips & Conventions
  ~ The Art of Politeness
  ~ Eating & Meeting
  ~ Using Chopsticks
  ~ Chinese Names
  ~ Meet, Greet or Address
  ~ Exchanging Business Card
  ~ Expect Close Quarters but No Touching
  ~ Translation Tips
  ~ Hosting Chinese
○ Regional Business Cultures & Characteristics of the Chinese Businessman

◙ Working in China
○ Employment Permit Application Process
○ Managing Chinglish
○ Dealing with Local Friends & Relationships
○ Cross-Cultural Challenges

◙ Traveling in China
○ Flying to China
○ Domestic Air Travel
○ Traveling by Taxi
○ Traveling by Train

◙ Banking
○ Coins & Notes
○ Counterfeit Currency
○ Major Local Banks
○ Opening a Bank Account
○ Credit Cards
○ ATM Frauds
○ Wiring Money
○ Banking Tips

◙ China's Taxes
○ Business Tax
○ Consumption Tax
○ Withholding Tax
○ Individual Income Tax

◙ Health in China
○ Medicals & Hospitalization
○ Chinese Herbal Remedies
○ Traditional Chinese Medicine

◙ Chinese Cuisine

◙ Chinese Festivals and Holidays

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November 26, 2013 Price Decrease: $14.99 -> $4.99
November 21, 2013 Price Decrease: $14.99 -> $4.99
November 16, 2013 Price Decrease: $14.99 -> $4.99
October 10, 2011 Initial Release

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