App Description

A car finder built with you in mind! Simply click on SAVE when you park, close the app and forget about it. Simple to use, with super accurate code to get you back to any saved location.

Also a moving color map view, showing the exact street you are on, and where your car is! Moves in relation to the compass to show you exactly where you are pointing.

Later, when you need to find your car, open the app and press RETURN.

Just follow the blue Arrow, or match the 2 compass numbers (on the toy car tires!) and watch the distance count down as you reach your destination. You can also click on the globe icon to switch to a map view!

Your saved location is stored, even if you accidentally terminate the application, simply restart the app and hit the "RETURN" button again, and you are on your way.


Time and Date of saved and current location.

GPS coordinates of current location and saved location.

Doesn't require a cell signal to operate, only the GPS is needed, so it will work even while in remote areas. Or on a international trip where you do not have a data plan.
(Map view requires a cell or wi-fi signal for the data)

GPS shuts down in background mode, saving battery power, turns back on automatically when you restart the app from the background.

Note: To get the most accurate GPS fix, use the GPS Accuracy Meter and hit SAVE when the accuracy # is the smallest. If you don't have time to wait for the best accuracy, that is OK, you just might have a less accurate position fix.

This compass + GPS will direct you on a straight line course back to your saved location.

As you deviate around obstacles (such as a building), it will automatically recalculate the new heading and distance (like a car GPS does when you take a new road). It will always point in the correct direction, just make sure you watch where you are walking.

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