App Description

Long ago, the chicken lived a felicity and happy life in castle. But one day , such happy life was ruined by some bad animals, they use their keen claw to destroy chichken’s city and attack the castle crazily.

At the moment, chicken pick up the weapon to defend their homes, they decide to beat back the animals and resume their happy life. The war broke out….
Come on! Chicken heroes!

Game image is excellent and simple way to play, the most features are blow:
•The unique storyline, you can read the game with caricature at every game level.
•Every chicken has an unique skill, you have to click the skill icon before use.
•Hackbuteer can hit long distance enemy with gun, and cavalier can hit short distance enemy with the special weapon.
•The chicken will to be the cannonball to hit the enemy.
•The quantity of chicken is limited, some of them will not return, so, just use the chicken-cannonball discreetly.
•Some of enemy are strong, you have to hit them times until they are dead.
•The route of enemy are different, you have to move the emplacement to make sure aim at them.

iPad Screenshots

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iChickenHeroHD screenshot 1 iChickenHeroHD screenshot 2 iChickenHeroHD screenshot 3 iChickenHeroHD screenshot 4 iChickenHeroHD screenshot 5

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