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Speak this 3000 English sentence,You can speak English Freely!
[1] Talking about objects and people 谈论物品和人
151. What do you want?
152. I want a cup of coffee.
153. What would you like to eat?
154. Please give me a piece of pie.
155. Which one would you like--this one or that one?
156. It doesn’t matter to me.
157. I’d like to talk with Mr. Johns or Mr. Smith.
158. I’m sorry,but both of them are busy right now.
159. Wouldn’t you like some coffee?
160. I’d rather have some tea,if you don’t mind.
161. Do you know any of those people?
162. Two or three of them look familiar.
163. All of those men are friends of mine.
164. Which one of those men is Mr. Taylor?
165. Is he the tall man on the left?
[2] Talking about languages 谈论语言
166. Do you speak English?
167. Yes, a little.
168. Does your friend speak English?
169. Yes, he speaks English perfectly.
170. what’s his native language?
171. I don’t know what his native language is.
172. How many languages do you speak?
173. My friend reads and writes several languages.
174. How well do you know French?
175. He speaks French with an American accent.
176. My parents speak English perfectly.
177. Mr. Jones can read French pretty well.
178. Sometimes I make mistakes when I speak English.
179. I have a lot of trouble with pronunciation.
180. How is her accent in French?
[3] Talking about activities 谈论活动
181. What are you doing?
182. I’m reading a book.
183. What’s your friend doing?
184. He’s studying his lesson.
185. I’m not doing anything right now.
308. Her tooth ached all night. 她牙疼了一整夜。
309. How about a drink tonight? 今晚喝一杯怎樣?
310. I can do nothing but that. 我只會做那件事。
311. I get hold of you at last. 我終于找到你了。
312. I have a surprise for you. 我有一個意想不到的東西給你看。
313. I like all kinds of fruit. 我喜歡各種各樣的水果。
314. I saw it with my own eyes. 我親眼所見。
315. I will arrange everything. 我會安排一切的。

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