What's New

- VoiceOver support!
- Sound effects now obey the volume/mute buttons on all devices
- Fixed a rare bug where changes were not saved on exit
- Fixed a couple of display glitches

App Description

My Secret Hideout is not a game. It is an interactive toy... or rather poem... or artwork...

My Secret Hideout is a wacky, creative thing set in a treehouse. It’s not like any app you’ve seen before. Play around with it!

Drag leaves down and attach them to the tree. Every time you add a leaf, the description of the treehouse grows and changes. The changes are random... aren’t they?

- Watch the treehouse grow, or just play with the leaves! Fun for your fingertips and for your mind.
- Approximately a googol possible combinations!
- Save your favorite treehouses; mail them to your friends!
- (A googol is a big number. Honest. Look it up.)
- (Maybe it’s more like ten million googol combinations, but hey, what’s a few orders of magnitude.)

My Secret Hideout has no goal, no score, no trophies. Explore it, or play with it, until you find a result you like. Will your treehouse be simple or complex? Can you guide it? What will you discover inside?

- “...it shares some of IF’s appeal — the visionary access to a place of someone else’s imagination. There are a lot of zarfian ideas here.” -- Emily Short, emshort.wordpress.com

- “At first I was thrilled to find a room with fresh cheese, but I discovered I couldn’t add more detail without losing the cheese room.” -- playontap.com

- “Oh, this is weirdly fun” -- Goob

iPhone Screenshots

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My Secret Hideout screenshot 1 My Secret Hideout screenshot 2 My Secret Hideout screenshot 3

iPad Screenshots

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My Secret Hideout screenshot 4 My Secret Hideout screenshot 5 My Secret Hideout screenshot 6

App Changes

  • June 17, 2014 Initial release

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