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We have fixed some small sheep bugs in the game.
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App Description

The legendary Sven Bømwøllen is now available for the iPhone!

funny video:

The game is set in Northern Europe, presumably in a country where a North Germanic language is spoken. The player controls Sven, the only black sheep, and, at the same time, apparently the only male sheep of a flock owned by a shepherd called Lars Einnicken. It is Sven's task to engage in seducing the white sheep, which will, after having achieved a state of happiness, disappear, resulting in extra time being awarded to the player. To clear a level, Sven must make all white sheep disappear.
There are various enemies whom Sven has to avoid and various extras he can pick up to gain special powers. Sven can always avoid enemies by jumping into a puddle, which will not cost an extra time, but result in him to reappear elsewhere on the screen.
The humor in the game and at the same time its popularity stems from its funny content, the cartoon-style graphics and the funny names of the characters.

The white sheep
The female white sheep are entirely passive most of the time and await Sven's attention. Their current "happiness" status is shown by a sun and cloud symbol above their head. Sven is supposed to finish the current level before it reaches zero. Sven will get extra 10 sec of time for each sheep that disappears.

Lars Einnicken
Lars Einnicken (meaning Lars fall-asleep), the shepherd, appears to be very old and sleepy, which is why he sleeps most of the time and walks around only slowly. He objects to Sven's behavior, but will not attack him unless Sven is presently engaging in lewd conduct with a sheep. Of all enemies, Lars is probably Sven's least dangerous one. If Sven is caught by Lars it will lose 30 sec of time.

Wøtan, whose name is apparently a joke on the Nordic god Wotan, is the shepherd's dog, walks around the flock at moderate speed, but starts to run when he sees Sven. He is the most important enemy Sven needs to avoid, as being captured will result in the loss of 30 sec of precious time. Occasionally, Wøtan will fall asleep, which gives Sven time to take care of the sheep.

Short-sighted hunters
There are also short sighted hunters on some levels, which will sometimes fire their guns at random. Being hit will cost a 30 sec of time.

iPhone Screenshots

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Sven Bømwøllen - Foreplay screenshot 1 Sven Bømwøllen - Foreplay screenshot 2 Sven Bømwøllen - Foreplay screenshot 3 Sven Bømwøllen - Foreplay screenshot 4 Sven Bømwøllen - Foreplay screenshot 5

App Changes

  • January 15, 2012 Price increase: FREE! -> $0.99
  • November 21, 2012 Price decrease: $0.99 -> FREE!
  • November 27, 2012 Price increase: FREE! -> $0.99

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