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When a "?" is indicated, this means that there are no data in the medical literature.

A simple and safe app to find out what drugs are safe during pregnancy.

Numerous drugs have the ability to pass through the placental barrier to reach the fetus during pregnancy, potentially leading to toxicities. The same phenomenon occurs when a woman breast-feeds her child with drugs that pass from the mother’s blood into her milk.

You (or your husband, this app is not restricted to women !) are expecting a baby or your new born is breast-fed ? You have a headache, cramps, digestive disorders, or a medical prescription for any chronic disease and you wonder which drugs you can take and which you must not ? With this app, you will be able to know what to do, which drugs to take and which you must avoid because they may be toxic to your baby. After the welcome screen, simply touch “Check your drugs”, then type in the first letters of the drug, and you get direct information on whether it is OK for you to take the drug (“O”) or NO, you should not take it (N), depending on the trimester of pregnancy.

This app gathered informations on more than 1130 different drugs (scientific names) and nearly 5000 brand names. It has been developed by pharmacists and physicians on the basis of scientific and medical data retrieved from the international literature.

Many drugs, including some very common, can be dangerous if taken during pregnancy by pregnant women. In most cases, this toxicity applies to the baby (fetus), and can be very serious. It is therefore essential to ensure that the medications you take while you are pregnant are safe and without risk, before taking them.

Similarly, information is hard to find on this subject and health professionals, doctors, pharmacists, nurses are often a bit lost. With this application, doctors will know very easily if they can prescribe a medication to one of their pregnant patient, pharmacists if they can deliver a drug to a pregnant woman, and nurses if they can administer it.

For self-medication, which is not recommended for pregnant women, women themselves or their partners can easily see if it is possible to take a particular drug.

This application has been developed by a multidisciplinary team of clinical pharmacists and physicians, working in a University Hospital in Paris, France.

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  • June 10, 2014 Initial release

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