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PACKED with 40 Alternate Endings, 100 Puzzles, beautiful art, chilling music and a great story!

Antoine, the main character, suffers from a typical murder-mystery dilemma. He's an heir but he's also a suspect to clear the check, he must clear his name, and to do that he must find out whom actually killed his foster father. In order to solve the mystery of the Count Moreau's untimely death, players immerse themselves in Antoines world.



"A really well-designed, nicely-paced game, which captures your attention quickly and makes you want to play detective."-

"The story is well paced and wonderfully interesting as a murder mystery." -

"The Best Mystery Thriller for iOS to Grace the Appstore." -

"It’s a story with a classic feel presented in a beautifully designed game that has all the makings of an instant classic itself." -

App of the Day! "It’s hard to pin down the best part of this game, because each aspect is fully developed in such a creative manner." -

"It’s a tight package, and one guaranteed to please even the most hardcore of iOS gamers." -

"I can honestly say I got my money's worth." - PharaohsVizier Blog

Final Rating A. Must-Have-Award "Offers a engrossing story combined with stunning visuals, challenging puzzles and fantastic music/soundtracks. We would highly recommend this title for sure." -

5/5 Stars! "The story is engaging enough to give players the motivation to stick with it." -

5/5 Stars! "You will not be disappointed!." -

5/5 Stars! "It’s surely a game that will keep your iPhone plugged in for recharge!" -

5/5 Stars! "Truly an awesome game that is packed with adventure and excitement." -



"I love the story so much that I cannot put the game down. At the time of this writing, I am at Chapter 3 and the secrets surrounding the Chateau makes me want to keep playing to find out more." - Watabou from Toucharcade

"The story is interesting and immersive. The whole package is very appealing to me: detective work, exploring, uncovering hidden objects, etc." - madam_octa from Toucharcade

"Okay, so I really liked to whole premise of the game. I guess it has elements of a point and click, mystery game, puzzler, riddler, and a few more. All in all, I really like what you guys have created. The story so far has been simply brilliant." Injuwarrior from Toucharcade

"I honestly loved almost everything about the game. This was the first and only mystery-adventure style of puzzle game on the App Store that encouraged me to play until the end to finish because I wanted to." - David Yin

"The dialogue is also nice and is kind of like playing through a mystery novel!" - Davis Foster



- Make Game Changing Decisions through Bone-Chilling Questioning
- Over 40 Different Alternate Endings
- Explore and investigate the Castle and solve murder of the Count!
- Solve over 100 Different Puzzles!
- Discover Items that can be clues to this mystery!
- Question and probe through multiple suspects!

※ Language : ENGLISH, 한글 완벽지원

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August 19, 2011 Initial Release

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