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★ 3rd place in 2011 Best App Ever Awards in Special Needs category for iOS

❝I highly recommend So Much 2 Say for the beginning communicator who needs a cost effective fully flexible and customizable communication system.❞ - Dr. Robin Parker on techinspecialed.com - http://bit.ly/wFQl20

So Much 2 Say is a picture communication AAC iPad app that is designed specifically for individuals with cognitive and language impairment. With flexible page layout options ranging from a single card per page to multiple pages of categories, So Much 2 Say is well suited to adapt and grow right along side with the Learner. Intuitive configuration options and fast card creation allow for virtually anyone to quickly update and tune So Much 2 Say to best fit the needs of the Learner in multiple settings.

New card/category creation in seconds. Have an iPad2? Use the built-in cameras to make cards of new objects on the spot. Or choose from any picture in your own photo library or one of our included images.

✔ Simple and fast card creation
✔ Nearly 9000 SymbolStix® symbols
✔ Beginning Sentence Building
✔ Drag 'n Drop sharing of card/categories between multiple iPads
✔ Flexible layout options - card or category-based navigation and 1 to 12 objects per page
✔ Intuitive Drag ‘n Drop gestures to arrange cards anyway you like on Homepage
✔ Simple design makes it easy to meet the specific needs of each individual
✔ Use the iPad’s built-in camera to create cards instantly
✔ or choose from built-in images or your own photo library
✔ Scroll lock button to help prevent accidental swiping between pages
✔ Configurable Black or Purple background colors
✔ Card filtering - quickly search the app card library for the cards you want to make visible
✔ Optional passcode protected “edit” mode
✔ Record your own natural, familiar voice

✔ Can be used by individuals of all ages with or without prior experience with AAC systems or devices
✔ Can be used in conjunction with other AAC systems
✔ Encourages a communication exchange between the Learner and a Communicative Partner
✔ Spend less time configuring - more time for communicating

Great for individuals with
✔ Cognitive and language impairment
✔ Non-verbal language disorders
✔ Autism
✔ Apraxia
✔ Dysarthia
✔ Parkinson’s
✔ Aphasia
✔ Stroke complications
✔ Traumatic Brain Injury

Many AAC apps target higher functioning learners, and, to their credit, serve that population very well. However, there is a significant hole in the AAC app landscape for individuals with significant intellectual disabilities. We designed So Much 2 Say from the ground up with the intention to fill that hole. There is no longer a need to spend hundreds of dollars on an app filled with features that are unsuitable to the individual.

So Much 2 Say was developed with two distinct classes of users in mind: the Learner and the Administrator. The Administrator is one of several people that work with the Learner (parents, therapists, teachers, school & hospital staff, etc.) who make changes to the app’s configuration as the Learner progresses. We believe that both classes of users’ needs must be catered to in order to realize the full potential of the learning process.

We’ve simplified the interface to the bare necessities: the cards themselves. In it’s simplest form, you have a single card. Touch the card, and you hear a familiar voice, verbalizing what was tapped. As the Learner progresses, more cards can be made visible. Once multiple pages of cards are being routinely accessed, the concept of categories can be introduced, and the Learner can navigate in a more hierarchical fashion.

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So Much 2 Say - Picture Communication screenshot 1 So Much 2 Say - Picture Communication screenshot 2 So Much 2 Say - Picture Communication screenshot 3 So Much 2 Say - Picture Communication screenshot 4 So Much 2 Say - Picture Communication screenshot 5

App Changes

  • January 11, 2013 Initial release
  • January 14, 2013 Price decrease: $24.99 -> $19.99
  • January 15, 2013 Price increase: $19.99 -> $24.99
  • February 14, 2013 Price decrease: $24.99 -> $14.99
  • February 19, 2013 Price increase: $14.99 -> $24.99
  • March 08, 2013 New version 2.0.2
  • March 22, 2013 New version 2.0.3
  • April 01, 2013 Price decrease: $24.99 -> $12.99
  • April 04, 2013 Price increase: $12.99 -> $18.99
  • May 17, 2013 Price increase: $18.99 -> $24.99
  • September 19, 2013 New version 2.1.0
  • October 17, 2013 Price decrease: $24.99 -> $14.99
  • November 01, 2013 Price increase: $14.99 -> $18.99
  • April 01, 2014 Price decrease: $18.99 -> $7.99
  • April 08, 2014 Price increase: $7.99 -> $12.99
  • May 02, 2014 Price increase: $12.99 -> $18.99
  • April 15, 2015 Price decrease: $18.99 -> $12.99
  • May 03, 2015 Price increase: $12.99 -> $14.99
  • June 07, 2015 Price increase: $14.99 -> $18.99