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Thank you for supporting ZipPic! The fastest way to send a photo. We've added instruction links for more of your favorite photo sharing places. Our list now includes:

Go Daddy Photo
Snapr (Integrated)
Tumblr Goodies
Twitter (Integrated)
Windows Live

As always, ZipPic is the fastest, most convenient way to send a photo from your phone via eMail.

75% Less Clicks | 1000% Instant-ier

App Description

75% Less Clicks! 1,000% More instant-ier! Get photos and videos out without delay! What would normally take you 12 (yes twelve!) tedious steps, getting that photo to the inter-tubes, now takes 3!

Set the default people and services you wish to share your images with and you're one step closer to getting part of your life back and your images or videos into the hands of the ones you love.

If you have a blog, video or photo account like Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, WordPress, BaseCamp, Tumblr or any other online repository that accepts emailed entries, you may just beat out your competition to get that juicy pic or video into the wild in 3 (yes three!) simple steps.

But wait there's more... upload to Snapr, Twitter, too…oh, the joy.

When your competition is still clicking away trying to get that 'old news' photo off their camera and into the wild, you will be on to the next hot scoop.

(Shhh… don't let them know your secret to speed. )

The only thing faster would be going back in time and sending images before you took them. (Yes, we are working on an app for that.)

ZipPic Steps:
1. Click to open ZipPic
2. Click to take Photo
3. Click Send


Standard Photo Sharing Steps:
1. Click to Open Camera app
2. Click Photo Button
3. Click Camera Roll
4. Click Share Icon
5. Click Email Photo
6. Click To: Field
7. Click at least one character to bring up a contact name
8. Click to Select Name
9. Click Subject Line
10. Click at least one character subject
11. Click Send
12. Click Compression type

If you want to change the sharing services click the Info button on the bottom right of the camera view.

If you just must preview or enlarge your shot, we give you the option. (Of course, we don't recommend that as it would just add more clicks to your life.)

We would love your feedback. Please contact us at [email protected] and let us know what you would like us to make next. We would especially appreciate your help with any errors in our translations.

Oh, and if you do actually prefer wasting precious minutes of your day in contemplation, and while shaking pears, be sure to check out our Thespian favorite Shakes Pear. Guaranteed to provide hours of intellectually stimulating prose.

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App Changes

  • June 08, 2014 Initial release