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• Categories: Assign your items to categories for even greater control over your list. We've included a few default categories to get you started, but you'll definitely want to tweak them to match your shopping habits. Categories can be ordered or deleted via "Settings." (Thanks Stef for this great suggestion!)

• Fixes a bug that could cause "History" to crash when history records were deleted.

App Description

Have you ever returned from a trip to the store only to realize you forgot to pick up something you needed? Do you have trouble remembering to replace things with a limited lifespan? Are you curious about how often you're buying certain things? Maybe you just need a reminder when it's time to go to the store in the first place?

ActiveList offers a solution for all of the above. In terms of the basics, ActiveList is built around everything you expect in a shopping list app: Item retention, super-simple list management, and purchase history. But ActiveList goes one step further… it will actually re-list items for you automatically. Here's how it works:

Listing Intervals:

A "listing interval" represents the amount of time between the day you purchase an item and the next time you're in the store buying it again. As you would expect, the interval for each item can vary quite a bit: Essential items (bread, milk, eggs) tend to be purchased more frequently than things like batteries, furnace filters, and toothbrushes. As such, we designed ActiveList's interface to make it simple to assign and quickly switch listing intervals.

Watch and Notify:

Not sure how often you buy something? No problem: Set the item in question to "watch and notify." ActiveList will then watch each time you purchase that item and notify you how often you buy it. You can then assign the calculated listing interval with a single button tap.

Purchase Reminders:

ActiveList can send you a message the day you need to pick something up. The time that message is sent is totally up to you… so whether you shop in the mornings, afternoons, or night, you're covered.

Default Items:

We've included some default items to get you started. Which default items are loaded is completely up to you: Load them all if you like, pick and choose, or pass completely and build your own items from the ground up.

Early Listing:

If you're someone who likes to buy things before you actually need them, we thought of that as well: You can set ActiveList to re-list items up to 7 days in advance of the time you'd normally buy them.

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