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Every day we use principles of geometry to help guide decision making and now the keys to this important subject can be at your fingertips!

Geometry sharpens our reasoning, logic and problem solving skills and is one of those subjects we need to know not only to keep up, but to get ahead in the world.

Our fast study PG guide contains over 300 rules, definitions and examples helping to make this subject easy and fun to learn.

The hard-copy version of our guide has helped thousands of students get on top and through this often difficult subject, and now you can have the same content at over 85% off the hard-cover price!

Offline Access! All content is local to your phone, so you’ll have access to this guide even when there is not internet connection!

Topics include:

1. Dimensions
2. Points, Lines & Planes
3. Segments & Rays
4. Types of Lines
5. Number Line
6. Coordinate Grid
7. Line Segment Midpoint
8. Absolute Value & Distance
9. Sets
10. Angles
11. Measuring Angles
12. Measuring Angles – Example
13. Types of Angles
14. Pairs of Angles
15. Transversal Cuts
16. Polygons
17. Classifying Polygons
18. Congruent & Similar Figures
19. Names of Triangles
20. Angles of a Triangle
21. Right & Isosceles Triangles
22. Pythagorean Theorem
23. Equilateral and Equiangular Triangles
24. Congruent Triangles
25. Quadrilaterals
26. Parallelograms
27. Rectangles
28. Square
29. Rhombus
30. Trapezoids
31. Circle
32. Solids
33. Prisms
34. Examples of Prisms
35. Pictures of Prisms
36. Cube
37. Pyramid
38. Example of Pyramid
39. Cylinder
40. Cone
41. Sphere
42. Symmetry
43. Perimeter & Area of Polygons
44. Perimeter & Area of Polygons (contd.)
45. Area of Triangle & Circle
46. Area and Volume of Solids
47. Area and Volume of Cube, Rectangular solid
48. Area and Volume of Cylinder, Cone & Sphere
49. Area and Volume of Right Prism and Pyramid

With millions of hard-copies in print there's no doubt we've been delivering content that is proven, concise and bang on to-the-point for years.

Like all our 'phoneflips', this lightweight application has NO Adverts, never needs an internet connection and won't take up much space on your iPhone.

Portrait & Landscape mode supported. For hard copy versions please visit our store at:

Thank you!

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March 09, 2011 Initial Release

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