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'Coverage: Austin' was released to coincide with SXSW 2011. For recently updated and nationwide coverage maps, check out our hit app 'Coverage?' in the App Store.

'Coverage: Austin' is a special highly-detailed Austin-only version of our hit app 'Coverage?' intended to provide Austin locals and SXSW attendees with a powerful tool for tracking down the nearest fastest bandwidth, no matter what wireless network they use.

NOTE: This app is not officially associated with or sponsored by SXSW.

For (less detailed) coverage maps of the entire USA, please check out the full version of 'Coverage?'.

Coverage provides an at-a-glance, "universal", area overview, cellular coverage map by interactively overlaying the major USA cellular providers.

Coverage focuses on helping bandwidth junkies know where they might be able to get their next hit, no matter what network (or combination of networks) they use.

** Know before you go: Avoid having to check each provider's coverage map individually to know where you're most likely able to keep connected in your travels.

** No internet needed: All coverage maps are stored locally, so you can check where coverage is most likely even when you have none.

** Urban and rural areas: Maps cover the entire Austin city limits, and out to popular SXSW roadtrip destinations like the Salt Lick restaurant.

** Know where to roam: view 4G, 3G, 2G and roaming areas as separate overlays, focus on finding the coverage type you need.

** Bask in the joys of mobile bandwidth while avoiding the sorrows of roaming usage caps and absent signal.

Check our website at http://www.technomadia.com/coverage to learn the story behind Coverage, and for a quick video demo.


Coverage FAQ:
Q: Why aren't the maps more detailed?
A: We can only include so much map detail in an app small enough to be downloaded wirelessly!

Q: What makes 'Coverage?' unique?
A: There is no other tool out there that allows you to overlay coverage maps from all the major carriers. Coverage has done the labor intensive work to create aligned, standardized interpretations of each carrier's reported coverage. For travelers who have devices on multiple networks who need to stay connected as they roam, this information is essential. Unlike checking individual carrier websites, Coverage is fast and easy, and it works even when you have a slow connection, or none at all.

Q: What happened to T-Mobile?
A: T-Mobile does not provide detailed maps of Austin in a format that we can incorporate into 'Coverage: SXSW'. The nationwide version of 'Coverage?' does include T-Mobile maps.


** Winner - 'Most Useful App' - iOSDevCamp 2010 **

The groundwork for Coverage was built at iOSDevCamp 2010, and it was named ‘Most Useful App’ of the conference. We are absolutely thrilled and honored to have won this award!


Note: Coverage is a Universal iPad / iPhone app. It does however require iOS 4.2 - the mapping overlay technology we use was not possible in earlier iOS versions.


Note that the maps in Coverage are our own proprietary interpretations of the coverage reported by each carrier. You should not rely on the maps in Coverage to be perfectly precise or comprehensively up to date, though we intend to regularly update them.

We can of course make no promises as to where you'll *actually* get signal. The goal of Coverage is to give you an indication of where you're most likely to catch a wave, not provide neighborhood level precision.

So… Got Coverage?


The last major update to the 'Coverage: SXSW' maps:
February, 2011

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