What's New

- Adds a table view that displays telephone, email, web and note icons, so one quickly understands contact's data points.

- Display shows the filtered rank, name, company; and, telephone, email and note in the larger iPad screen.

- Filterfish now has a Preferences panel for colors, panning opens the contact, and text levels.

App Description

Filterfish is a revolutionary physics-based Address Book providing a fun and fast interface for your existing contacts. We believe its the first of its kind: a business application with gameplay features.

Filterfish makes your truly closest friends stand out from the crowd, like mighty planets in a universe of little dots using physical properties of color, size, movement and position on screen. Your finger acts like a 'blackhole' and draws all contacts toward the finger. The accelerometer will also move the contacts around the screen in violent or smooth motions.

148apps.com states that "Filter Fish is a great little product." Review Chris duly notes, "(t)he key to the app is definitely its simplicity" and commenting on the gaming aspect of the app, "I had much more fun creating a spinning universe of my friends names."

Usage is simple:


1. Single-Tap a space ball will open that particular contact information. Then, tap the phone, email, or web data to activate the functions of iPhone, Email, Gmail, iChat, MSN, Web (Facebook and Twitter via the Web) in the contact interface. Any communication adds relevance points to the space ball, so its bigger, brighter and positioned in your face next time.

2. Pan without holding a space ball will make your finger act as a blackhole and attract balls.

3. Pan while holding a space ball will also open the contact interface but only after a set number of seconds. Change the seconds and opening behaviour in the Preferences.

4. Double-Tap the background will remove all filters to return to the normal unfiltered situation.


1. Tap the search bar to activate the filter function. Type in any alpha-numeric character to filter all your contacts by this character. Tap the 4 filter tabs to filter on name, organization, telephone and email address or all of the above. The space balls activate and reposition on each entered character.

2. Tap the right 'Cycle' button and this will allow the contact balls to spin around freely.

3. Tap the middle 'Play' > button will put the balls in their filter rank. 100%, 90% ...

4. Tap the far right 'Table' button will flip over to a view, showing a Table view with filtered balls in the same rank.

5. Tap the far left '+' button will open a New Contact interface. Add information and press OK, or Cancel.


1. Shake the iPhone, iPad or iPod device in order to activate the accelerometer and move space balls around the screen.

Note that friends always shrink if you don't maintain this communication relationship; in fact, they turn into tiny little insignificant dots. Thus, you have to keep your relationships up to date.


1. Change the number of space balls that show textual information (name, organization and so on). Text is slow on older 3G devices.

2. Change the time that panning will open the contact interface. Allow it to open the interface.

3. Change the filtering color. All balls will have a deeper saturation of this color depending on its rank with the current filter.

4. Change the background color.

Filterfish is elegant and beautifully simple. Filterfish integrates with contacts already in your Address Book; no added data entry is needed. Plus, it needs no usernames and passwords. Everything social you have set up with someone, like the Cellphone, iPhone, Email, Gmail, iChat, and MSN. Even Facebook and Twitter are immediately at your fingertips if you set them as a website.

Basically, Filterfish is a fun and fast interface for your contacts, created by Industrial and Interaction designers.

We made Filterfish available in 21 languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portugese, German, Dutch, Finnish, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, Greek, Arabic, Hebrew, Japanese, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional and Taiwanese, and Thai.

One version runs in both iPad and iPhone

iPhone Screenshots

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Filterfish screenshot 1 Filterfish screenshot 2 Filterfish screenshot 3 Filterfish screenshot 4 Filterfish screenshot 5

iPad Screenshots

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Filterfish screenshot 6

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