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NewtonApples is a simple yet entertaining arcade game that takes a look at just how Newton figured it all out.

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NewtonApples is an interactive game that is best for kid to play and learn the physics - Newton's laws of motion.

Immerse yourself in this fast arcade style game, NewtonApples – full of actions for you to pop, slice and flick the evil elements from the apple tree.

NewtonApples brings you back in time and lets you witness history in action right in front of your eyes when Newton first discovered the 3 laws of motion and gravity.

This is not your average arcade game – you will experience playing 3 games in 1 with this action-packed game, where you protect Newton from the apple tree whose evil intentions are to wake Newton up from his sleep by dropping apples and other elements on him.

Features and More…

Different modes
- Includes Normal + Hard to test your skills and longer playing value

- Endless Mode – pop till you drop! 

- 27 Fun levels (with more coming up in the next update)

- Different moving backdrops in every single level

- Fun and quirky enemies with their own unique sounds

- Pop, Slice & Flick enemies – its like playing 3 games in 1!

Hidden Treasures
- Comes with a hidden Hungry Worms game

- Includes original Zombie game

- Original artwork and graphics

- Learn the 3 laws of motion in a fun way OR NOT!

- Laugh and learn new things you never knew about Newton as he think out loud while he snoozes


-iPhoneAppReview (4.5/5 stars)

"With a plethora of features and rich artwork, NewtonApples is an app well worth your time during the morning commute or lazy afternoon meeting." 

"NewtonApples is a simple little game but entertaining. Throwing in a small section about the laws of motion is a great touch and adds to the experience. - 148apps.com

"Clever mash-up of popular arcade game styles." - CommonSensemedia.org


Overall the game is fun and fast. You really need some fast finger flicking to get across all the levels" - iPhonefootprint.com

"The graphics are refreshing and colourful. The game play is simple and yet addictive. This is the other game that I am addicted to other than Angry Birds." - techblog.sg

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- 27个有趣的关卡(更多的关卡在未来版本中将会持续更新)
- 在每个关卡中有不同的移动背景
- 有趣且狡诈的敌人有各自独特的声音
- 用点击、划动和轻拂等方式干掉敌人,这就像在一款游戏里玩三款游戏一样

- 包括普通模式+困难模式来测试您的技术,具有更持久的可玩性
- 无限模式——一直玩到您失败为止!

- 内含一个隐藏的饥饿蠕虫游戏
- 包括原创的僵尸游戏
- 原创的美术和图形

- 用一种有趣的方式学习牛顿三大运动定律,当然您也可以不学!
- 在欢笑中了解关于牛顿不为人知的趣事,比如打盹的时候还在思考,喃喃自语。






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June 18, 2013 Price Decrease: $99.99 -> FREE!
March 29, 2013 Price Decrease: $0.99 -> FREE!
January 12, 2013 Price Decrease: $1.99 -> FREE!
March 09, 2011 Initial Release

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