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***To celebrate the most important festival - Chinese Lunar New Year, we present this special version of Three Kingdoms TD - Legend of Shu, and send our sincere greetings to all of you. May the joy and happiness around you.***
* The brand new UI of Spring Festival style.
* 8 new maps which can only be experienced in this special version.
* 4 new heroes and more skills: Plutus, Rabbit God, Door God Qin and Door God Yuchi.
* 4 new enemy units and heroes: Dancing Lion, Dancing Dragon, Dancing Doll and Nian the fierce beast.
* 6 new items: Chinese Knot, Firecracker, Jiao-zi, Fine Wines, Copper Coins and Red Lantern.

* 春节喜庆版界面;
* 只能在贺岁版内体验到的 8 个新关卡;
* 4 位新武将及更多新技能:财神、兔儿爷、门神秦琼、门神尉迟恭;
* 4 种新敌人:舞龙、舞狮、大头娃娃、年兽;
* 6 种新道具:中国结、爆竹、饺子、女儿红、钱串、红灯笼。

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Tired of TD games of guns and rockets? Three Kingdoms TD is definitely worth your trying. It is a unique TD game which story is based on the famous Three Kingdoms era in ancient China history. You will play as the army of Liu Bei, leading the Five Generals of Tiger to fight through over 20 classic battles. You need to deploy your units and heroes effectively to defend your headquarters. Meanwhile, you have several ways to gain the advantage in battles.
- Upgrade the heroes by sending them to fight and make them more experienced;
- Equip your heroes with items acquired during battles;
- Use heroes’ skills for better fighting power.
You are going to face various types of enemies in those huge battlefields. Try to win by your splendid tactics and strategies.


- The story is based on the fantastic history of ancient China’s Three Kingdoms era. The cartoon style artwork is full of Chinese elements.
- There are 5 types of units with distinguishing features. Each of them has 3 different levels. Higher levels will be unlocked as you advancing in the campaigns.
- 12 heroes with various fighting types will join you during the journey of uniting the entire country.
- Heroes will get experienced during battles and learn more amazing skills when leveling up. Top level skills have stunning visual appearance and mighty effect.
- Tens of unique items like weapons, armors and accessories make the heroes even powerful.
- Enemies of higher levels may fly or being invisible to normal defense units. Bosses like elite enemy generals will be tough challenges to you.
- 21 well designed battlefields of various territory types in 3 different difficulties worth hundreds of hours’ game play.
- Try to get higher scores and better rating.

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