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Talking Baby Boo the Doll is a virtual baby doll fun for adults and suitable for small children. RECORD YOUR VOICE AND BABY BOO WILL TALK BACK! Baby Boo is a portable interactive animated doll that can do virtually anything a real baby doll can do. She will even tell you when she's hungry, wants a "binky" (pacifier) or wants to dance!

You can record your voice when you talk to her, and she will talk back! Feed her a bottle, take her to the dance floor, make her cry, give her a pacifier. You can record you and Baby Boo singing your ABCs together and play it back!

★★★ HOW TO PLAY ★★★
✔ Talk to Baby Boo and Ask What She Wants
✔ She Talks To You In Her Baby Doll Voice
✔ Tap Baby Boo's name anytime to hear a LULLABY!
✔ Tap Baby Boo and She Will Tell You What She Wants
✔ When She Says "Baba" "Binky" or "Let's Dance" You Can Double Tap the Button to Give Her Her Bottle, Pacifier or Take Her Dancing
✔ Give Her a Bottle to Eat / Drink and Ring the Dinner Bell
✔ Give Her a Pacifier or Double Tap to Take it Away and She Will Cry
✔ When She is Crying you can Double Tap to Give Her a Pacifier and Sooth Her
✔ Sing Along with Baby Boo to Learn Your ABCs
✔Then Play Back the song you and Baby Boo sang together!
✔ Tap Baby Boo to Stop or Pause What She is Doing or Go Back to the Main Menu

Talking Baby Boo is the second character in the Talking Baby series.

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