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Added to FAQ (at http://bit.ly/NbSzNQ):
■ Q15: I have been unmotivated to exercise. How can Xrun help?
■ Q1: Woman don't need to be impossibly thin as the media conveys. How might Xrun help?
■ Q9: The app works for any exercise routine. Why is that important?
■ Q14: How do Xrun's screens look like in my native language?

■ Added localized screen shots in 15 languages to App Store.
■ Improved video demo's content, added subtitles in 15 languages.
■ Minor one-line bug fix.

App Description

Quantify your health to improve your health! This app is the best to determine your fitness health and how much to exercise. ★★★★ 4 stars and "EASY TO USE" by 148apps.com.
VIDEO DEMO: Click "Xrun Support" (http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=xrunapp).

Everyone agrees exercise is essential, prevents disease, makes you feel and look good, and is free.
The problem is: we are busy, we can't exercise all the time! That is where this app helps.

To keep you healthy, this app helps you answer the following questions for your case:
■ How much exercise is enough? 30 min a day, 1 hour a day?
■ What would be your ideal weight according to medical literature? How about according to your peers?
■ Do you need to loose or gain any weight? If so, how much? Are you medically Obese? Normal? Anorexic?
■ Do you need to loose a few inches around your waist? If so, how many inches?
The answers take into consideration the latest medical literature and
are tailored to your current particular characteristics
(your height, weight, age, body shape, gender, goals, and activity level).

■ Best way to determine how much to exercise.
■ Demonstrates real people don't have "perfect" bodies and can be healthy nonetheless.
■ Motivates you to start, and continue, exercising.

The app is ridiculously easy to use:

It will prompt you to enter your characteristics (you do this only once).
Then the app will automatically display most recommendations.
It is worth getting the app just for that feature alone.

After you exercise, just tap the '+' button.
The app will automatically add a diary entry.
Optionally tap that entry to:
■ change the duration of the exercise you just did (if different from your goal) or
■ enter your weight (whenever you get around to measuring it)

That is it!

Then sit back and watch all your personal recommendations (Fitness Health), efforts (Exercise graph), and results (Weight graph).
In every screen, green is good, red is bad. So, you don't have to learn or remember anything: Just exercise enough to move towards the green!

No internet required. No signups needed.

FAQ: http://bit.ly/NbSzNQ

Weight calculations are for adults.

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