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LITE Version ... has advertising plus full functionality of iKals app, but without print or saving data capabilities. If you need either of these capabilities, consider the full version since there is no in-app upgrade.

If you are counting calories, possibly to help keep you weight under control, then this is an app you will truly make use of on a regular basis.

The iKals app provides information about foods and how they are rated for Calorie content. This is provided as a means to assist in deciding which foods to eat. The food servings are rated from EXTREMELY LOW in Calories all the way up to EXTREMELY HIGH. The following colors help readily identify which is which:

➤ Black = Rated EXTREMELY HIGH in Calories (500 - 1,181)
➤ Dark Red = Rated VERY HIGH in Calories (400 - 499)
➤ Red = Rated HIGH in Calories (300 - 399)
➤ Orange = Rated MODERATELY HIGH in Calories (250 - 299)
➤ Yellow = Rated MODERATE in Calories (200 - 249)
➤ Light Green = Rated MODERATELY LOW in Calories (150 - 199)
➤ Green = Rated LOW in Calories (100 - 149)
➤ Cyan = Rated VERY LOW in Calories (50 - 99)
➤ White = Rated EXTREMELY LOW in Calories (00 - 49)

There are eight tables listing food servings:

➤ All Foods
➤ Fast Foods
➤ Fruits & Vegetables
➤ Meat, Fish & Shellfish
➤ Dairy & Egg
➤ Cereal Grains & Pasta
➤ Sweets
➤ Snacks

The All Foods list allows you to search by any word or partial word from all the Food Titles.

Selecting a food in any of the tables will display pertinent information about the selected food serving:

➤ Food Title
➤ Weight (in grams)
➤ Common Measure (serving size for weight)
➤ Calorie Content (in kcal)
➤ USDA Description
➤ USDA Food Group
➤ USDA Nutrient Database Number

Information is derived from the USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference: Energy (kcal) Content of Selected Foods per Common Measure. There are currently over 1,100 different food servings included, searchable using more than 2,500 names (some foods are known by different names or how they are prepared, e.g., "Egg, Scrambles" and "Scrambled Egg"). A few these have as many as six searchable names.

The iKals Info screen provides access to additional information pages:
➤ What are Calories?
➤ Calorie Recommendations
➤ Highest Calorie Foods
➤ User Agreement
➤ How to Use this App
➤ About this App (includes allowance to 1) Report a Problem; 2) Ask a Questions; and 3) Make a Suggestion)

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App Changes

September 26, 2013 New version 4.1
April 20, 2013 New version 3.7
February 14, 2013 New version 3.6
September 26, 2012 New version 3.5
September 05, 2012 New version 3.2
December 21, 2010 Initial Release

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