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Koku is a fresh approach to personal finance management that puts you in control!

All Your Accounts In One Place

By consolidating your finances – all your checking, savings, and credit card accounts – into one place, Koku provides shocking insight into your spending and income habits. Have old financial statements to analyze? No problem! Koku's importing lets you easily merge the past with the present.

Save More, Spend Less with Budgets

Koku's budgeting feature lets you set and track your spending goals in real time, as you make purchases. It's now even easier to stay on top of your finances, and the power of Koku budgets means that it's dead simple to track your spending on virtually anything. Need to limit your caffeine intake? Just create a budget for all transactions tagged with "coffee" and let Koku do the rest! Your wallet will thank you.

Keeping Your Finances Personal

Koku is flexible and easy to use while keeping your personal finances, well… personal! Create your own tags to describe transactions, then generate custom reports to analyze your finances – literally in your own words! After just a few weeks of using Koku, you will learn more about your financial habits than you ever expected - like how much you spend on food, clothing, or your favorite coffee shop.

iCloud Syncing with Koku for iPhone

Now you can take your finances on the go. Koku provides support for iCloud syncing, allowing you to keep your financial data in sync between multiple Macs and iPhones. It's never been this easy to stay on track!

Check out some more highlights of Koku's fantastic features:

• Direct connect - automatically and securely downloads your transactions in real time from supported US banks. It's never been this easy to reconcile your finances across multiple accounts! Visit our website for a list of supported banks. Note that some banks may charge a fee for this service.

• iCloud Syncing - now your finances can go everywhere you do. Sync your Koku library across multiple Macs and with Koku for iPhone thanks to built in iCloud support.

• Smart tagging technology - gives you the power to categorize your spending and income your way with labels like "Groceries, "Movies" or "Paycheck".

• Intelligent reporting - provides an insightful and revealing picture of your spending and income habits over time.

• Smart Lists - they're like smart playlists, but for your financial transactions. Yet another way to intelligently analyze your money.

• Importing - consolidates your financial history from old bank statements in any of the supported formats: OFX, QIF, QFX, and OFC.

World Class Support

Our team is dedicated to helping you with questions or issues that arise while using Koku. You can quickly find answers to many questions on our support pages, or email us at [email protected] and we'll get back to you asap!

Not convinced you need a personal finance manager? You may want to consider these benefits...

Top Ten Benefits to Managing Your Personal Finances:

1. Trace your money as it flows into and out of your accounts, without needing to log into websites or maintain spreadsheets.

2. Instantly know the current balances of all your accounts with just one click.

3. Uncover your spending habits, and where you can afford to cut back.

4. Catch mistakes immediately after they occur.

5. Eliminate complicated reconciling processes at the end of the month; who needs the stress.

6. Review your spending and income trends over time to determine how much you should spend on that next vacation.

7. Look up past transactions in an instant, just by a simple keyword search.

8. It's fun! No, really!

9. You can relax because everything you need to know about your money is organized in one place.

10. Truly know, without a doubt, where you stand financially, every day.

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  • June 06, 2014 Initial release

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