What's New

∞ Adds a setting to disable palm/wrist protection
∞ Fixes a bug which prevented the Twitter & Facebook actions being used twice in the same session
∞ Tightens up threshold for line width matching, bringing it closer to v2.5 levels.


★ SyncSpace now works on your iPhone and iPod touch in addition to on the iPad. You now have a pocket-able sketchpad that can share in real-time with anyone anywhere! (works great for brainstorming with colleagues from the gym!)

★ Palm/wrist-protection on the iPad. SyncSpace will automatically detect and ignore the extraneous touches produced by resting your palm or wrist on the screen while writing.

★ Line-width matching! Line widths will be matched to the width of nearby lines that have been drawn using the same line style. This helps keep your sketches nice and clean, even if you do a lot of zooming.

★ Improved HTML5 viewer for shared drawings. Shared drawings can be viewed in any web browser with real-time updates and full zooming! Drawings opened in a browser can be added to your iPhone or iPad's home screen for quick access. You can even embed a zoomable, updating view of a drawing into your own web pages!

From Previous Updates:
★ Drawings can now be rotated using a twist gesture. Use two fingers to rotate (or zoom/pan) your sketch. Rotation will snap to 90 degree angles.

Minor Improvements:
∞ External displays now smoothly animate viewpoints when panning and zooming around a drawing
∞ Improved zooming and panning behaviour when the outer limits are reached
∞ Extended the zooming limits to a ridiculous degree
∞ Improved rotation handling on iOS 6
∞ Improved text entry; especially with respect to colour selection
∞ With items selected, the zoom-to-extents button will zoom to show the selected items instead of the entire drawing
∞ Improved speed and reliability of real-time sharing, especially when operating through proxies or networks that modify HTTP requests (bad mobile networks!)
∞ Opening drawing URLs now supports URL fragments that specify the location in the drawing to show
∞ Drawings opened from URLs now open more quickly and show a progress bar for the initial load

∞ Improved document password entry screen
∞ No more crashing when zooming so far out of an image that it is less than one pixel in size
∞ Fix a bug which prevented reopening the same drawing from a URL after deleting the previous copy in the same session
∞ Improved iOS 6 compatibility
∞ Fixed bug in which many dashed lines looked like a string of sausages
∞ Fixed a couple of crashes. Sorry about that!

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App Description

SyncSpace lets people express and explore visual ideas together, wherever you are. It is a zoomable drawing space that can be shared in real time over the net. It is a shared whiteboard plus a whole lot more.

Sketch out your ideas in a nearly limitless, zoomable drawing space. Never again be limited by the size of the canvas or the amount of space remaining in an existing sketch. You can always zoom in to add detail or zoom out to add context to a drawing. With SyncSpace's zooming, handwriting on a 10" screen actually becomes feasible.

SyncSpace drawings can be updated by anyone who also has SyncSpace, anywhere on the Internet. You can invite others to collaborate on sketches by sending a link via iMessage or email. In meetings, conferences and schools, SyncSpace can discover and broadcast the existence of nearby shared drawings using Bonjour.

There are no limits to the number of people who can collaborate on a drawing.

Your drawings can be shared via Facebook, Twitter, 37 Signals' Campfire, your photo library, or emailed as PDF files. You can also send SyncSpace drawings to any app that handles PDF files, including Dropbox, GoodReader, Evernote, iBooks and thousands more!

Sketches can be displayed on a nearby AppleTV or any HDMI or VGA-connected display. Any shared drawings are also advertised on the local network using Bonjour.

Collaborate on drawings using SyncSpace or view them with zooming and real-time updates using a web browser on a PC, Mac or mobile device.

In addition, SyncSpace makes note taking and sketching easy with a plethora of fantastic features:
- Palm/wrist protection for writing notes
- Advanced line smoothing
- Shared drawings can be embedded on any web page, with real time updates and zooming
- Rotate drawings however you like
- Zoom-extents button quickly takes you to the outer limits of the drawing (and back to your original position with a second tap)
- Export to email or other apps as a high resolution PDF file

App Screen Shots

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App Changes

March 07, 2014 New version 4.3
November 28, 2013 Price Decrease: $19.99 -> $9.99
November 05, 2013 New version 4.2
October 22, 2013 New version 4.1
September 26, 2013 New version 4.0
December 18, 2010 Initial Release

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