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added image normalization; some color depths would crash the app.

App Description

Do you ever wish you had Lady Gaga's eyes? Or Angelina's lips? Or maybe you want to make your boss look even fatter. Discover the Facedoh (like Play-doh but for images): a series of visual effects that will transform your pictures and put a big smile on your face.

Touch and drag part of a picture to create subtle and realistic changes that can full anybody, or go ahead and distort it beyond recognition. Lay one or more visual effects on top of each other and see what comes out...have you ever imagined that? Now there is a way to translate that into an image. Let loose and discover.

With a flick of your finger, see your self through a fun house mirror. Swipe! and the years vanish.Click, and you are a caricature.The fun does not end here though, you can combine any number of effects to create your own work of art!

Elastic - touch a point (or multiple, up to 4) of interest and drag it in any direction. The image is going to be transformed very much like a Play-Doh figure.
Targeted - same as Elastic, but the pixels moved are localized creating an effect that is visible in a smaller area. Targeted effect is slower when more then one finger is dragged on the screen.
Elastic Rough - same as Elastic, but the area of modified is larger.
Targeted Rough - same as Targeted, but the area of interest is larger.
Slider - touch a point (or multiple, up to 4) on the screen and drag it in any direction. It moves all the pixels around the point(s) in the direction of the drag in continuous manner.
Smooth Move - similar to Slider but the changes are more polished.

Cartoonify - it creates a cartoonish version of the original picture.
Awesomize - the image is transformed through a series of virtual lenses, moving the slider will change the number of lenses.
Composite - in addition to Cartoonify effect it also changes the color distribution.
Beautify - Decrease the number of colors in an image.
Paint - Creates a painting like effect by decreasing the number of colors in an image, moving the slider controls the number of colors to decrease.
Equalize - Equalizes the histogram of the picture.

P.S. Default image provided by Ha-Wee(http://www.flickr.com/photos/hawee)

iPhone Screenshots

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FaceDoh screenshot 1 FaceDoh screenshot 2 FaceDoh screenshot 3 FaceDoh screenshot 4 FaceDoh screenshot 5

iPad Screenshots

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