What's New

* Options to turn music on/off, turn narration on/off
* Page Index to jump directly to a page
* Improved performance
* Incorporation of much user feedback

App Description

Making for the perfect gift, this animated, interactive depiction of the birth of Jesus Christ allows users of all ages – children in particular – the ability to enjoy a story format which is educational, fun and fully immersive directly on their iPad’s.

"Your interactive nativity book on my iPad last night and read it with my 6 and 4 year old. Thanks for selling that product" - User Review

The story takes full advantage of the iPad’s most attractive features: colors are sharp and vibrant, volume levels are sufficient for listening without headphones, and the user can interact with the characters through touch during or after narration. The story is also accompanied by classical instrumentation and whimsical musical themes that help to enliven and embellish upon the other-worldly quality of this age-old tale.

Application Highlights:

* Readers interact with the book using touch and move gestures – each character also has his or her own vocal qualities
* Professional narration
* Optional classical music accompaniment
* Page peel animation for turning pages backward and forward
* Sound advance editing begin the narration before the page is visible
* Highest quality illustrations
* Animated characters and lighting effects

We have taken the Nativity Story to the next level by making it both fun and educational, but the digital aspect of this application makes it all the more appealing to today’s youth. We brought in professional children’s book narrators and illustrators to keep the story true to what they know keeps the attention of kids…we pulled out all the stops to make sure that this timeless classic continues to be passed down through the generations in the most contemporary and entertaining manner possible.

iPad Screenshots

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Nativity Interactive StoryBook screenshot 1 Nativity Interactive StoryBook screenshot 2 Nativity Interactive StoryBook screenshot 3 Nativity Interactive StoryBook screenshot 4 Nativity Interactive StoryBook screenshot 5

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