App Description

Checkmate is an interesting chess game with background of the crusade war. The game will provide totally new gaming
environment and dynamic experience with splendid effects and quarter-view system which have never been used in normal
chess games. Checkmate has three different play modes; Story Mode based on real story of the crusade war, VS Mode to play with your friend, Network Mode which provides you a real-time play with other on-line users. Now, experience this dynamic chess game with highly advanced portability and touch sensor of iPad.

Chess has a universal appeal stretching over a span of 1400 years. It is believed that chess originated in India and traveled through China, Arabian countries and Europe. There are also historical references that chess was used as a tool to teach military strategy to Indian prince. It is assumed that is the origin of chess in India.

Game Story
The Third Crusade ( 1189 ~ 1192 ), also known as ‘the Crusade of Kings’, was an attempt by European leaders to reconquer
the Holy Land from Saladin. After the failure of the Second Crusade, the Islam Empire conquered Syria and Egypt to accomplish unification of forces of the two countries under command of Saladin. Henry II of England (Richard I succeeded to the the crown when he died in 1189) and Philip II of France take the first step to call new crusaders for the end of the long disputes. Finally, the Third Crusade completely organized with the join of Friedrich of the Holy Roman Empire.

Scenario mode
Scenario mode gives you a chance to beat off the enemies by chess as a hero of the Checkmate story. You will be the King Richard,
a hero of the 3rd Crusade war, entering the war to drive away the enemies. Feel the stormy excitement of the drastic war!

Vs mode
With VS mode, you can play chess game with a friend choosing a character which you like. You can choose Richard, Joanne or Saladin. Let’s enjoy spectacular and intense brain battles. Who is going to be the final winner?

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