What's New

Version 1.4:

In this new version all the issues that existed previously have been fixed. This version has all the features of the full version. The only difference is you cannot save the timers.

• iOS 5 optimisations
• Added: Interval colors!
• Added: Edit timers with wizards
• Added: Advanced mode to fine tune
• Added: Reordering timer list
• Added: Copy and paste timers/intervals
• Added: Email timers to your friends
• Added: Vibration option
• Added: Instructions
• Added: Timer taps to start/stop timer (option in settings, default to off)
• Changed: Interval count only includes work intervals
• Fixed: Quit iPod upon launch bug
• Fixed: No beeps while locked bug
• Fixed: Music pause/resume bug
• Fixed: Sounds disappearing bug
• Plus performance improvements

If you encounter a problem with Seconds please contact me directly. There is an email link in the app, or you can email me directly at [email protected] I reply to all support and queries. By leaving a bad review on the App Store I cannot contact you and help resolve the issue, which are usually fairly straight forward.

Your feedback matters. Tell me what you want for the next version. Also apply to become a beta tester within the settings.

App Description

Seconds is an attractive, simple, easy to use, programmable timer. It was originally developed for fitness interval training but has proved so useful to people that it's now being used for much more, from studying to trumpet practice.

Please try and look past the poor reviews this app received prior to version 1.4. It has been completely redeveloped and now reflects the paid version so if you want to get an idea of what people think of it check the reviews for that.

Seconds features the following:

• Timer wizards: Create common timers in seconds (HIIT, Circuit and Round timers so far)
• Fine tune: Customize every detail of your timers in advanced mode
• Colors: Choose from 10 colors for your intervals
• Big buttons: Use the entire time display as a start/stop button
• iPod integration: Assign playlists or tracks to individual timer intervals
• Copy and paste: Create complicated timers with ease by coping and pasting intervals
• Large clear display: See your timers from a distance
• Larger, clearer display: Turn your device to landscape orientation for a larger timer
• Orientation lock: Lock your favourite timer display
• Works while locked: Save you battery life on long workouts by locking your device
• Vibration: Timers can use vibration to alert you in noisy environments
• Beautiful interface: Makes using this app a pleasure

Simply put: there is no better programmable interval timer on the App Store, and it's only going to get better. Read the reviews, they say it all: http://bit.ly/seconds_reviews

For more information you can contact me directly at:
[email protected]


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