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Passive method of isometric contractions.
If you spend a lot of time in front of a computer or the television, you can use this method to work your abdominal muscles WHILE YOU CARRY OUT OTHER TASKS.
You choose the time and the place, and the application will teach you how to do the exercise, marking your rhythm and the intensity by vibration or melody IN A DISCRETE WAY.
- Without the health disadvantages of traditional abdominal exercises
- Helps to strengthen the pelvic muscles, particularly interesting for women.
- Improves the stability of the spine

Why is Abs At Work so special?
In reality, the exercises are very simple, it is basically about breathing deeply, contracting and maintaining the contraction for a period of time.

What is the difficulty? It’s very simple; the key is to remember that you must continue contracting while the minutes pass. It is very difficult to remember this when we are concentrating on our work or distracted by the TV or the computer. Abdominals At Work monitors you and regularly reminds you when you must contract and expand the muscles, as well as saving the details of the sessions.

Negative effects of classical abdominal exercises.
- By contracting the rectus abdominis muscle, the transverse distends, causing an abdominal protuberance, the unsightly effect of a bulging abdomen.
- Pressure increases on the pelvic muscular diaphragm, weakening the area and causing prolapse, urinary incontinence and dysfunction.

Positive effects of Abdominals At Work.
With our exercises, we mainly work the transversal abdominal muscle, which is our natural girdle and helps to sustain our internal organs. The contractions shorten and tone the muscle to reduce the waist.

Improves the stability of the spinal column thanks to the static contractions of the abdominal transverse.

Attention! What you need to know if you are a woman.
IF YOU ARE A WOMAN it is specially recommended that you contract the pelvis floor muscles, which you must do together with the contraction of the abdomen when using Abdominals At Work.

Urinary incontinence affects 4 out of 10 women. It does not occur exclusively in older women, it specially affects women that practice sports, jogging, aerobics, etc., producing an increase in pressure that weakens the pelvic muscles. The effort of classic abdominal exercises often causes incontinence.

How to do the exercise?
POSITION: Sit up properly, back up against the support and your knees positioned at a 90º angle.
CONTRACTIONS: When your iPhone vibrates you should breathe deeply and contract your abdominal muscles.
TIMING:Start the first contraction with the sound or vibration that marks the start of the session. Maintain the contraction during 10 seconds until the device gives you next signal, then you must relax your muscles for 10 seconds and contract again as you hear the signal. Repeat this operation during the set time.

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  • January 31, 2013 Price decrease: $1.99 -> FREE!