What's New

A new tower! The Flame Thrower
A settings page where you can
- Disable background music or sound
- Turn off various graphical elements
- Reverse the trackpad controls
The health bar in the top right now blinks when your base is under threat

App Description

ON SALE for a limited time!

"Kretures HD is a must-try for anyone looking for a fun game to play when you need to kill a few minutes."
- 8/10, Slidegamer, http://cgno.me/gVWIX3


They're mean, green (and yellow, and purple) home-wrecking machines -- and they're headed your way! Calculating creeps want to knock your house down. You can mow 'em down, slow 'em down or teleport 'em away, but can you stop these fiendish Kretures from beating a path right back to your door?


* Universal app designed for the iPhone, iPod, and iPad
* Retina display graphics
* Network Leaderboards
* Obstacle laden, open field tower defense, played on very large maps
* Creeps that avoid your defenses
* Teleport towers to let you expand to the far reaches of a map
* Enemies that attack by land and sea
* Levels with multiple Creep spawning Grounds
* A Unique anti-ping-pong mechanic (tower destruction is 'free' ... but destroy too many, too quickly, and it will cost you!)
* Carefully balanced, endless waves that will challenge even the most experienced TD players ... before eventually, inevitably, overwhelming them

Do you have what it takes to thwart these would-be home invaders? Kretures -- get yers ... NOW.

iPhone Screenshots

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Kretures HD screenshot 1 Kretures HD screenshot 2 Kretures HD screenshot 3 Kretures HD screenshot 4 Kretures HD screenshot 5

iPad Screenshots

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Kretures HD screenshot 6 Kretures HD screenshot 7 Kretures HD screenshot 8 Kretures HD screenshot 9 Kretures HD screenshot 10

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