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Don't buy this Version! The "full" version is also $0.99 Search "Freedom App" or see "Other Apps by this Developer"

Did you know that... Freedom Lite Instantly Expose Thousands of iOS Apps for Free

... Apps That Others Regularly Pay Full Price. This 24x7, Take No Prisoners, Non-Stop Appstore Scouring App Even Captures #1 Ranked Apps for You To Install Free, Now, Today!

Appstore Reviews:

***** Great App - Addictive and it's not even a game!

***** I'd give it a million stars if I could - Genius App! It'll save you hundreds of dollars.

***** Greatest App in History Forever! - This app is the ultimate g-star great terrific awesome you name it.

Did you know that app developers put hundreds of iPod, iPhone and iPad apps on sale for free every day? Don't feel bad if you didn't know - I didn't know either. As a matter of fact, only a tiny percentage of iTunes users know this!

It's true - every day hundreds of apps from the iTunes Appstore go on sale - Popular Apps, High Priced Apps, and even #1 Apps! Developers make their Apps FREE for a short period of time to boost their popularity, ranking and reviews! In some cases for as little as 5 minutes.

I don't know about you, but I was frustrated when I found out that I had been paying good, hard-earned money for apps that others we're getting for free. Why? Just because I wasn't part of the elite group of "in the know" users.

I figured there must be somewhere that I can find a list of these apps.

Then I search the iTunes store for a solution - and I was excited because I found 4 applications that claimed they would do what I needed. And one of them was even free! I tried them all but I was seriously disappointed - they were no better than the sites I had already viewed... And some of them updated their prices so rarely that there were actually complaints in the reviews about how user were told an app was free, but ending up paying!

So, I decided to do something about it - and it wasn't easy! I developed Freedom Lite - a secret software system that would expose thousands of Free iTunes Apps that regularly cost between $0.99 and $499.99!!!

Freedom Lite scours the iTunes Appstore non-stop! [Between May 1st and May 31st, 2010, Freedom Lite discovered 1,234 Apps, valued at $4,230 that went on sale for a limited time in May.]

It took thousands of hours to create our one-of-a-kind iTunes scouring system, cloud server backend and App. But it was worth it.

- You won't need to learn a new interface. It's simple, fast and intuitive.
- Never miss another sale. 24x7. Thousands of Apps per month. Our secret software system ensures you the most freed apps available from the iTunes Appstore.
- You choose how to find apps. We offer 6 different ways to view freed apps:
o Browse by category. Just like the Appstore.
o View "New"apps - the most recently freed
o View "What's Hot" - the most download by Freedom Lite users
o View "Release Date" - the oldest apps in the Appstore
o View "Top Rank" - highest ranking Apps
o View "Top Price" - the most expensive apps that are now free
- View "Top Missed" - A list of Apps that were recently Free, but now cost.

So, what's it worth to have the key to getting paid apps for free on your iPod, iPhone and iPod?

How much would you pay today, for Freedom Lite? I was going to price the App at $29.99. Most users would recover that in under a week using Freedom Lite. Many in 1 day! But I'm not going to price the App at $29.99.

I decide a reasonable price for Freedom Lite is $9.99. One time. At this price, I would estimate most users recovered their cost in 1-2 days!!!

But wait - Since we're just launching the App, we're giving it away FREE!

Freedom Lite is available for FREE. Today. Now.

"Freedom App is a really good idea... I’ve no doubt that in the long run, you will save money by using it."

- 148apps.com

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App Changes

  • July 21, 2011 Initial release