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Do you want to unleash the artist inside and have fun with your photos? Discover FaceFormer, a series of visual effects that will transform your pictures and put a smile on your face. Although we guarantee your enjoyment it might not always be the case with the person photographed...Ah..., but that's part of the fun!

Let your creativity loose and change a picture in multiple ways by applying any number of desired visual effects. This app will automatically detect facial features (eyes, mouth and nose) so you can emphasize them or reduce them just like a caricaturist. Will you look better (or worse? :) ). From basic effects to more complex ones and from small changes that look real to more dramatic ones, FaceFormer is easy and fun to use!

Like we said, do you want to have bigger lips? Bigger eyes? A mustache? Or maybe make a cartoon of yourself? - or maybe of your friends - or your boss? You can even swap faces with somebody!

The fun does not end here though, you can combine any number of effects to create your own work of art!

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Effects (effects marked with star use face detection):

Awesomize (changes completely your face expression)
Beautify (makes your face look like it's been applied makeup)
Cartoonify (gives you a cartoonish appearance)
Moustache (detects your mouth and places several types of moustaches)
Lips (places several lips types on top of your mouth)
Angelina (makes your lips bigger)
Marty Feldman (makes your eyes bigger)
Face Distort (gives you a different expression)
Face Swap/Flip (if one face is detected, it will flip it upside down; if two faces are detected it will swap the faces)
Nose Job (modifies your nose)
Iconify (makes you look similar to a greek icon)
Shrekify (makes you look like Shrek)
Squarify (makes your face more square)
Small Lips (makes your lips smaller)
HypnotEyes (gives you hypnotic eyes)
Magical Lens (weird looking mirror)
Cubical Lens (array of lenses)
Paint (make the picture look like a painting)
Abstract (an abstract deformation of your face)
Sepia (sepia colors)
Noise (ads noise to the picture)
Vintage (makes the picture look like an old grainy photo)
Retro (retro effect)

Do you ever wish you had Lady Gaga's eyes? Or Angelina's lips? Or maybe you want to make your boss look even fatter. Discover Faceformer: a series of visual effects that will transform your pictures and put a big smile on your face.

Touch and drag part of a picture to create subtle and realistic
changes that can full anybody, or go ahead and distort it beyond recognition. Lay one or more visual effects on top of each other and see what comes out...have you ever imagined that? Now there is a way to translate that into an image. Let loose and discover.

The Faceformer automatically detects facial features, so adding a mustache, or shrinking your nose is just a touch away. You don't need circle lenses, a PhD in Photoshop, or painful plastic surgery. You just need the Faceformer. With a flick of your finger, see your self through a fun house mirror. Swipe! and the years vanish.Click, and you are a caricature.

The fun does not end here though, you can combine any number of effects to create your own work of art!

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