App Description

Fight the zombie horde! They're right there, wherever you are!

Augmented Reality game: using your device's video camera, you'll be at the center of the action, as 3D zombies are placed in a 3D world mapped over your own. When you turn in the real world, you'll see zombies all around you. Stop them before they infect you!

Switching weapons: tap on the weapon display in the HUD to rotate between fists, handgun, and machine gun. To reload: shake the device, or tap with two fingers.

Play in different real-world places! The Game Center leaderboards track your kills in each location. Clear the zombies out of your house, your school, your workplace! When you travel across town or across the country, be sure to clear the zombie infection from each place you visit!

Supports iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and iPod Touch 4th Generation. Video camera required. Gyro is used on devices that have it (try looking up and down, too -- watch the zombie corpses pile up at your feet.) Note: the 3GS falls back to using the compass for orienting the 3D world, so it doesn't support looking up and down.

Send us your screenshots of zombies in the craziest places!

iPhone Screenshots

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Zombies - Everywhere! screenshot 1 Zombies - Everywhere! screenshot 2 Zombies - Everywhere! screenshot 3 Zombies - Everywhere! screenshot 4

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