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Get the strategic edge in Civilization V with iGameGuide's detailed and informative guide to Sid Meier's latest masterpiece. Like all of our highly-rated guides, Civilization V is packed with tips, tactics and strategy, including the following:

* A huge analysis of the many new features in Civilization V and how it differs from previous versions; perfect for the experienced player! You'll learn about many new strategic options, from dealing with City-States, new military stacking options and dealing with hexagons to expanding your empire's reach through sheer economic power.

* Specific strategies and advice for every playable nation, including unique traits and tactics every player can use to get the edge.

* Enjoy a massive database of every unit in Civilization V, including specific roles and strategic considerations for each!

* Tips on upgrading units and allocating promotions.

* Learn how the difficulty setting influences the nature of a game.

* Tips and advice on early expansion.

* Learn diplomatic tricks for dealing with neighbors and City-States.

* How to pick the perfect spot for a new city.

* Learn how to define the role for specific cities for true power playing.

* Tactics on increasing Happiness without breaking the bank.

* Complete Policy breakdown.

* Maximize the revenue potential of your empire.

* Learn tactics on spreading the culture of your empire.

* Tons of battle tactics, from handling Great Generals to blocking valuable resources.

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