What's New

* Added new items based on new version of Minecraft
* New menu system making it easier to get around the recipes
* By popular demand, a new icon!
* New functionality to make updating the app easier

App Description

Minecraft has turned into a genuine phenomena, with hundreds of thousands of players hopelessly addicted...and confused. iGameGuides is here to help!

It's no secret that Minecraft can be terribly frustrating for new players, so iGGs Minecraft Guide will take you by the hand, clearly explaining basic concepts and how best to survive your first few nights on a strange world.

Now players of all experience levels can have a very handy app that clearly illustrates every current crafting recipe, including detailed images of hard-to-find ores and other resources for quick reference!

The Minecraft Guide features:

* Keyboard Hotkeys
* Detailed Minecraft Survival Guide
* The Basics of Crafting
* Passive & Threatening Monsters
* Farming Guide
* Resource Guide
* Item Quality Guide
* Every Crafting Recipe, Including: Torches, Workbenches, Weapons, Tools, Ores, Snow, Minecarts, Levers, Foods, Decorative Items and tons more!

iPhone Screenshots

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Guide for Minecraft screenshot 1 Guide for Minecraft screenshot 2 Guide for Minecraft screenshot 3 Guide for Minecraft screenshot 4

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