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Magician : iSeeToon Edition

Magician - Fantasy/Adventure Webtoon from Korea by Kim Se Rae

Two kids from a small village go on the adventure of their lives after meeting the ruthless, immortal mage, Edermask.

Magician is published serially in Korean portal site Naver, over 100,000,000 pageview over 3 years, one of best famous Korean Webtoon(Web Comic).

iSeeToon - iSeeToon is an English-language manhwa/webtoon service by Korean venture company iSeeYou for the iPhone. Powered by Storyberry. (iPad app coming soon.)

Vol. 1- When Eremi's grandmother divined that the infamous mage Edermask would be passing through their village, Eremi grabbed her best friend Enze and immediately challenged Edermask to a duel!

Vol. 2- The battle begins! Eremi and Enze have found the fearsome mage Edermask, but is he giving them a real fight or just playing with them?

Vol. 3- Edermask, the most ruthless magician in the land, has been treating Eremi's challenge like a play date! Enze's decided he's had more than enough, but when he returns home, he finds it under attack!

Vol. 4- A man named Edan has come to Eremi's village demanding that they ally with his kingdom. But when the village refuses, he attacks. With no other choice, Enze's father, the master swordsman, must protect the village!!

Vol. 5- With his father dead, Enze tries to take down Edan, but he isn't strong enough! Luckily, Edermask is able to drive him away, but what dark force is after this mysterious magician?

Translation / Nam Jae Joon
English Adaptation / Daniella Orihuela-Gruber
Editor / Masashi (Lee Han Kyu)
Management / mrkwang (Kim Jin Sung)
Serviced by iSeeToon
Powered by Storyberry

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