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Everyone loves Bjorn & his Vikings crew! Check out the amazing reviews below:

Gamezebo (4/5 Stars): "Such a simple game lives and dies by its control system, and Vikings Row's is as fresh and as subtle as they come. The Vikings might be long-gone, but this new digital invasion should be welcomed with open arms."

Touch Arcade: "It uses a really clever control mechanic, has a wonderful art style, and a ton of content to play through including earning medals for each level and unlocking achievements. Every once in a while a game comes along that just feels right on this platform, and Vikings Row! is one of those games."

Pocket Gamer: "Adding to the experience are various sail customization options for your boat, and an achievement system, which seems to be an I-play special. Together with neat presentation, it all adds up to a nice little package."

Gizmodo: ìIt's harder than I thought (to be a virtual Viking), which means it was a whole lot of fun.î

148 Apps (4/5 Stars): ìWhat makes Vikings Row! special is the way that the app goes about letting you control the ship. Instead of some kind of arbitrary accelerometer system, the game uses a control system that mirrors the way the Vikings would actually be rowing.î

Game On Mac: ìRetailing for under a buck, arcade Viking players can't lose.î

Touch My Apps: ìThere are also hidden challenges that will allow you to earn more than 15 awards. It might not be a pirateís life for them, but it still sounds like fun.î

The Vikings are raiding the App Store! Steer your Viking longship through mysterious and treacherous waters in search of gold!

Bjorn and his rag-tag crew have pillaged their way to a massive fortune. But after a wild night of partying, they wake up with a terrible hangover and realize they lost their fortuneóuff da! Your mission is Take control of their longship and recover the lost gold!

Row and steer your Viking ship and collect enough coins before the time runs out! Enjoy unique yet simple gesture controls: swipe either side of the boat to steer and swipe both sides to make your lily-livered crew row!

Complete 48 exciting levels full of treacherous traps and mystical dangers that can take out your crew and sink your Longship! Try to win the gold shield on each level and complete hidden challenges to earn more than 15 awards!

Lead your wild crew through 6 amazing Vikings worlds: their home Midgard, the Maelstrom underworld, the inside of Hron the whale, the icy world of Niflheim, the lava rivers of Hel and finally the warrior playgrounds of Valhalla!

Find the power-up that makes your Vikings go Berserk! Nothing can hurt them but they can destroy everything on their way...Viking-style!

Customize your boat with a wide selection of fun sails to unlock. Sign up for the newsletter to unlock special sails!

- Fully iOS4 compliant (including multitasking)
- Beautiful, colorful graphics built for Retina Display
- iPod library support: listen to your own music while playing


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