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iGameGuides is pleased to announce our latest guide, a massive app for Halo:Reach! This is our biggest guide yet and continues our tradition of delivering top-notch, best-selling guides that our customers love. Here are just some of the things you'll find in the Legendary Edition:

* A History of Bungie Studios
* A Rogue's Gallery of every major Halo character
* Complete guide to earning credits in all modes, including detailed listings of every action and their credit reward.
* Detailed Rank listings with required credits.
* Every Commendation listed and detailed.
* Learn how to earn every Medal, complete with Style Multipliers.
* Complete guide to Custom Armor, with required Ranks and Credits.
* Learn how Halo:Reach difficulty settings impact the game.
* Full breakdown and tips for every Armor Ability.
* Boot Camp guide for new players to the Halo universe.
* Halo franchise Factoids.
* Massive guide to Firefight mode, including Loadouts, earning Extra Lives, dealing with Waves and Hazards.
* Firefight map-specific Strategies and Tips!
* Every Firefight mode detailed, complete with a thorough listing of what you can expect in each wave!
* Learn how to customize Firefight for the ultimate in combat carnage!
* Handy Achievement list.
* A massive Historical time-line of the Halo universe, including books and graphic novels.
* Every weapon, every vehicle and tactics for each!
* Awesome charts that list the spawn time for every weapon, based on every map!
* Strategies for dealing with enemy vehicles.
* Learn how to tweak playlists and enhance your multiplayer search with the Psyche Profile.
* Suggestions for customizing your controls.
* Learn critical multiplayer concepts.
* Every multiplayer mode fully detailed with tips and advice.
* Handy tips for every multiplayer map! tons more, and more to come!

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